There are many lavender benefits. Plus, it's quite inexpensive so it can really come in handy during these tough economic times. You can pick it up at the health food store for around $10. It's a natural home remedy for several ailments & doesn't have many known side effects. Here is how to get the most out of lavender essential oil.

Use it to relax. Lavender can help relieve minor anxiety. Just put a few drops in a nice warm bath. It's a treat at the end of a long day. If you are out of bubble bath try this to make your experience still feel luxurious.

Lavender essential oil can put you to sleep, literally. You can even try diffusing this in your bedroom just by using a ring diffuser around a light bulb. You might even find a lavender linen spray at the dollar store that you can use when ironing your sheets. Take a few deep breathes if it's time to go to sleep when you aren't tired. On the opposite hand, make sure that you don't use anything with a lavender scent before you drive because it might make you drowsy. This will make the scent present without being too powerful. Plus, it isn't too strong so it won't give you a headache. Lavender essential oil can even save the day if you are having trouble sleeping in a hotel room or on an airplane.

Try it as a natural acne cure. Lavender essential oil is supposed to help soothe skin but you might find that it gives you mixed results. Talk with a dermatologist if you start breaking out. Don't apply directly to the skin, instead dilute a few drops in water so it isn't too strong.

Make your own soaps, perfumes & even candles. These don't really have any healing properties but they smell fantastic. This can save you money on household products & you can even give them away as presents. If you make any personal hygiene items they usually call for an essential oil for scent. It will just take a drop or two, so one inexpensive bottle from the health store can last you for years.

Where Can I Buy Lavender Essential Oil?

If you're wondering where to buy lavender essential oil then you have several options. You can find it at almost any health food store. You can also look at a lot of craft or soap making supply stores. It's easy to find lavender essential oil. Where to buy it is probably somewhere that you already frequent. Lavender essential oil has many uses & it should definitely be in your medicine cabinet.