Lockets make a sentimental wedding gift idea that will last for years to come. Brides can give lockets to the bridal party, and the women can wear them at the wedding. A groom may want to give his wife a locket as a wedding gift that she can treasure and even use as an heirloom. Lockets can also be a gift to remember loved ones or start a family tradition.

Give a locket wedding gift to keep in line with the adage, "something old, something new, something borrowed something blue." The mother of the bride can pass on a locket she wore on her wedding day or one that belonged to a loved one such as a grandmother. It can become a family tradition to give the locket to the bride on future wedding days.

The pictures inside the locket give you a chance to personalize the gift. Include favorite memories with your friends if you are giving the locket to your bridal party. If the locket is an heirloom, put a picture of the bride's parents on one side and her own engagement photo on the other side. If the bride misses a beloved pet, use the animal's picture. Or, use a photo on one side and have the other side engraved with a wedding date, special phrase or the word "love."

Since lockets express memories, the bride may want to use the jewelry in her wedding. She can wear the locket to add a vintage feeling to her wedding attire. Pin a locket with pictures of loved ones who have passed on into the bridal bouquet. If the bouquet has ribbons tie the lockets from the edge of the ribbon. Use a locket in a boutonniere so the groom can incorporate pictures of friends or loved ones who are not able to be in attendance.

There are styles of lockets for every wedding. A locket can be a traditional heart shape with floral engraving on the outside. Lockets come in the form of rings or have diamonds on the outside. Pay to have the photo engraved directly on the metal for a modern locket.

Lockets aren't just for women. For a wedding gift for your groom, choose a men's locket that he can wear every day. Some lockets look like dog tags. Or purchase cufflink lockets for the groom to wear on the big day.