searchOften times we loose touch with the people that matter most. Sometimes life just gets in the way and before you know it its been longer than you intended since you've reconnected. You could be taking a walk down memory lane and wondering about an old school mate, or maybe you are interested to know what an old flame has been up to. There is no time like the present and no faster way to begin your search than the internet. The internet is a great tool to use when you are searching for people you have lost contact with, and you can search it for free in many cases.

With the invention of the internet our ability to have information at our fingertips was magnified ten- fold. There is no need to take out ads in newspapers worldwide to find a person anymore. In-fact you don't need to do much more than visit a few sites and type in information. Finding a lost loved one, or an old friend is easier than ever before. While there are certainly programs that will find a person for a fee it isn't necessary except in the most extreme cases.

You can use social networking sites to find friends or loved ones.

MySpace and Facebook are two of the most well known social networking sites on the internet. They are free to join and it is simple to be searching their databases in a few minutes. You can search using the classmates function or search by the company you know someone has worked for. If your search yields results it is easy to send a private message and reconnect with your lost person.

Use the white pages.

searchinternetYou don't need to buy a phone book in every city you believe someone has lived in anymore. You can now search the white pages online for people you have lost contact with. If you know where the person might live, or know the location of a relative you can simply contact them by phone to inquire about the person you are seeking information for. Remember to be courteous and leave contact information. Many families will not give out information about a loved one over the phone unless they trust the person seeking the information. Leave a call back number, email address, or any other information the person you are looking for can use to contact you.

Use internet forums to inquire about people you once knew.

Topix is a site on the internet that allows community members to connect on a public forum. If you know where someone may be you can make an account and post on the Topix board to see if you get a response. It is likely that a community member will leave a reply to let you know if they do or do not know the person for whom you are searching. If you get a reply simply state why you are are searching for the person and your contact details. Many times a community member will at least let you know if someone is okay.

Use a free people search tool.

inteliusZabaSearch is a free tool that will find people for you. Simply navigate to the web page and type in the information you have to find the missing person. Type in as much information as possible and as accurately as you can to narrow the search. If you are seeking someone with a common name it may take a while so be patient. If you have an old phone number you can look it up through ZabaSearch to find an address for the person you are looking for.

Compare information from several sites.

Intelius is a site that charges for detailed reports on people however they do not charge for the search. The search could reveal information such as previous city lived in including the current location of an individual and it may also list family members. When you have confirmed that you have found the right person use that information on another free site to narrow down your search.

Be respectful at all times of someones wishes.

freeinfoNot all people who seem to be lost are and they may not wish to resume a relationship. If it is possible it is always better to begin contact with a person through email or postal mail. This way you are allowing the person to make a move towards reconnecting. If they don't initiate contact with you after two attempts it is safe to assume that the may not want to resume a relationship .If this turns out to be the case just remember that people are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.