Whether you want to stay at home with your children or aging parent or save money and the environment by avoiding the daily commute, more and more work-at-home jobs are now available to you. The PC has revolutionized home businesses and brought more opportunities to more people than ever before. There are almost too many opportunities to choose from! Here is a sampler of the types of home businesses you can get involved in.

Internet Home Business

Sell It

Avon has moved into the twenty-first century with a Web-based sales option for its salespeople, as have many other companies that originated with door-to-door or home party selling. There are also new, cutting-edge businesses out there that use home-based salespeople by offering them a personalized website for a low fee. Find out how you can use the Internet to sell your favorite products without leaving home!

There are many more opportunities available now if you just look. For example, the fitness site Beachbody pays "coaches" to spread the word about their programs, help people get fit, serve as living examples, and sell products like DVDs and nutritional supplements.

eBay is another venue for sales. People are making excellent livings by selling things that they buy at a low cost and resell. Some are even able to make a decent amount of money by selling things they already own in an effort to pare down and simplify. You can also make crafts and sell them on eBay or at a site like etsy.com.

Write It

In today's world of text language, good writing is becoming a lost art. There are many opportunities to take writing jobs online. Blogging, web copy, web articles, and reviews are just a few of the ways you can use your pen (or rather, your keyboard) to earn a paycheck.

People who work from home can also do research, proofread and edit works written by others, or create indexes for books and magazines. Video game developers also need people to write story lines or even write hints and walkthroughs for games.

Answering questions for texting services like KGB or ChaCha don't pay the same as regular jobs, but if you find yourself short just a few dollars a month or between jobs, this type of work can be a lifesaver. Many of the answers are selected from a database by pointing and clicking, but other questions need to be custom written.

To some people, Internet home business ideas sound too good to be true; you might think that bosses want their workers in an office, where they can have control over them. Instead, employers love using people who work from home using their own PCs, because it's less cost in overhead and solves lots of problems with absenteeism, hostile workplaces and workplace violence, and gossip. By simply doing an Internet search for online writing jobs or other similar keywords, you will find hundreds of legitimate work from home jobs that involve writing skills. All you need is a PC and an Internet connection! Why don't you get started now?