Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are right brain people and others are left brain people each with their own pros and cons. I happen to be a bit more of a right brain person which combined with other personality elements makes me organizationally impaired. I thought that I would share ways to use your computer to help keep your life organized. There is a lot of great software developed today that you may or may not know about that can keep you on the ball. Let's take a closer look at some of this software

Mozilla Sunbird

Sunbird is a free electronic calendar made by Mozilla, maker of the popular Firefox Web Browser. This is one of the greatest tools that I have found for myself both personally and professionally for keeping track of appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, deadlines and any other important day. It is easy to install and use and comes with many great features.

Reminders – This is a great feature because for special days that you don't want to miss you can set a reminder for one hour, one day or even one week before your date or appointment arrives. It gives an audio reminder and pop-up to help you remember. You can select certain appointments to repeat weekly monthly or even yearly. This one simple step can ensure that you never forget another birthday or anniversary ever again!

Networking – Because Sunbird is free you can install it on as many computers as you wish, so you can have a copy running on multiple computers in your house to keep your calendars synced. You can also export it to google calendars or into html format to make it available for checking anywhere. It also allows you to export your calendar data into csv format for use in your spreadsheet software of choice.

Multiple Calendars – This is one of my favourite features of Mozilla Sunbird, it allows you to create multiple calendars to organize different aspects of your life. For example I use two Calendars for different kinds of work appointments, one for birthdays and anniversaries and one for Statutory Holidays and Vacation. On the sidebar you can easily toggle calendars on and off to customize the appointments you want to view at any given time. Every individual calendar can be color coded for easy distinction of which appointments belong to which calendar.

This one easy to use piece of software can help keep your life organized. In the next article we will look at another tool to keep you organized.

Use your computer to get organized pt 2