Contact Managers

In this article another tool for getting organized is an electronic Contact Manager. There are many different solutions for available for contact management, some are free and some cost money. Organizing your contacts is one of the most time saving things that you can do for your life. Let me paint you a picture of what contact management may be like for you. You need to get a hold of Aunt Suzie that lives far away whom you don't call very often. You search the house looking for her number that you scribbled in a book and through into a drawer somewhere. You spend a half an hour tearing your house apart until finally you break down and call cousin Larry to get your Aunt Suzies phone number. You haven't talked to Larry in two years and now that you are on the phone you can't very well tell him that "you've gotta run". So you spend an obligatory hour on the phone catching up with Cousin Larry. You have now spent an hour and a half before you have picked up the phone to call Aunt Suzy. Or you want to call and order pizza at your favourite pizza joint. You have the number programmed into your cell phone but your phone is dead and you can't find it. After ripping apart the couches and looking through pants pockets you have spent 20 minutes before you order the pizza.

Organizing your contacts is a bit of a time investment in the beginning, but it has the potential to save you hours of wasted time for years to come. You can search the internet for a good contact manager that suits your budget and meets your needs. There are many good programs out there and some of them are free. You may also find that you have a decent contact manager and you didn't even know it.

Most e-mail clients have a contact manager built in that you may find suits your needs just fine. After using some different contact management solutions I found that I was more than satisfied with the contact manager built into Windows Live Mail. After I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 I switched to using the integrated Windows Live Mail that came with the system. It is has a layout for easy access to contacts from within the Mail client so you can easily send an email or look up the phone number for long lost Aunt Suzie.