Many people have ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur but unfortunately that is as far as they ever take it and it remains a dream.

To become successful first you must love what you do, no amount of hard work will get you through the rough times if you have to battle with yourself.

Your passion and enthusiasm could be your fortune if applied in the right direction,

You may be fortunate to have a skill that takes very little selling, or be fortunate that you are in a minority with your expertise and with a little help and hard work you could be successful.

Another route for the entrepreneur could be the knowledge that you have acquired over the years from your hobby, it may be gardening, decorating just to name a few.

If we use gardening as an example you could use your skills to become a garden designer and sell your skill in creating, your passion will shine through.

Most clients are buying into the dream you have created with your passion, a majority of gardeners will only see the space and give very little of their self, this can be seen in some as a lack of knowledge, people love to be sold to.

Your passion and love for gardening will shine through and it will be easy to take the client down the path, and as they say let them smell the roses.

This is just one small example of how you can be successful, look back to some of the purchases you had considered and the salesman has dampened your enthusiasm and you came away feeling that your ideas were completely wrong.

Passion and enthusiasm are contagious; it is possible to take anyone along with your ideas when they initially instigated the thought, your excitement for their garden and ideas will be a breath of fresh air.

Finally first look to your interests and passions and then consider how did you obtain your knowledge, was it easy, were there people you could  go to or talk to, or did all your information come from your own research.

Do you get completely carried away when someone talks to you about your hobby or interest, do you get excited when explaining to others, if so you have found your niche

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs started with what they loved doing and their enthusiasm took them forward on the journey, the greatest of their lives.



Your passion could be the best place to start on the road to becoming an entrepreneur.