I buy and sell a lot of used strollers. Its one thing I do to make some money on the side of my day job. In my experience with used baby strollers and jogging strollers in particular I’ve found that BOB strollers seem to hold up better than most competitors. Obviously there are some outliers and exceptions to this but on the whole used BOB strollers are quite often in great physical condition.

Prices Of BOB Strollers - New & Used

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black
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(price as of Jul 26, 2015)
BOB Ironman Single Stroller, Yellow
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(price as of Jul 26, 2015)

One thing that is apparent to any new parent is that the price of good baby equipment can be quite high and the BOB stroller lines are no exception. The cheapest strollers are suggested to retail in the upper $300s. The BOB Sport Utility actually carries the lowest MSRP at $379 but can be found on Amazon for around $309 as of today’s writing (Feb. ’12).

Used Sport Utility strollers however can routinely be found in good condition for around $200 on Craigslist and sometimes even less from motivated or unknowledgeable sellers. The pricier models like the Revolution SE and Revolution CE can be found on Amazon for less than MSRP in the $375 zone and in some local stores some sales may even beat this but used models can easily be found on Craigslist for around $240-$280.

Are Used BOB Strollers Worth Buying?

The biggest question however is if it’s worth it to buy these used models for hundreds of dollars. In my experience of buying and selling used BOB jogging strollers is that’s it’s entirely worth it if money is an obstacle to entry and you don’t care too much about your stroller looking like it just came out of the box.

Jogging strollers tend to get dirty as they are taken out on trails, through puddles, and into the elements in general. Babies spill stuff on them, suck on the straps, drop food in the cracks and these kinds of things can bother some parents. As far as the quality of the strollers however the used strollers are almost always in excellent shape and with some exceptions can be relied upon to hold up well for years even in used condition.

A Used BOB Revolution SE Stroller Is Usually Worth Buying

The BOB Revolutions SE model is probably the most commonly found BOB stroller around. It is the most versatile stroller of the lineup and it is the easiest jogger to find in used condition in stores, consignments, yard sales, or on Craigslist. I have almost never come across a Revolution stroller that seemed like it was physically beat up to the point where it wasn’t worth buying. These things are just made very well.

Buying used BOB strollers are also great for your bottom line when it comes time to unload your stroller. They hold up their value quite well. One of my hobbies is flipping used strollers on the side and I can almost always sell the Revolution for more than I buy it for so long as I wait for the right transaction.

The only time I would not consider buying a used BOB stroller is if I had access to only he older models with poor seat padding for my child. Some of the older models have very thinly padded seats which may not be comfortable to every child. I would also not consider used BOB strollers if they were too dirty for my tastes or if the tires were flat and in need or repair or replacement.

When you can buy a brand new BOB Revolution SE for only around $100 more than a used model on Amazon or a local specialty baby shop then you start scrutinizing your used options more than ever. If yo0u do go used then make sure to get some good accessories that can make the stroller more comfortable for both you and your child.

BOB Warm Fuzzy
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(price as of Jul 26, 2015)