If you love to camp, but cannot afford to buy a new unit, used Bigfoot campers for sale are a really good option to keep in mind.  You will have multiple styles to choose from and many different places to shop for them.  These are quality units and are considered among the better in the industry.   So, if you would like to hit some campgrounds this year and don’t want to pitch a tent and rough it too much, why not try searching for some quality used Bigfoot campers for sale?  In this article, I will go over some of the styles and models you might want to consider, places to look for them, and some additional information you can consider before you make a purchase.

Truck Campers

There are a few different models made in recent years you might want to consider; the 1500 and 2500 series.  You will find both are equipped to handle a small family that loves to go out camping.  The 1500 series Bigfoot camper is the lightest and most aerodynamic of the entire lineup.  It features a dinette with three burner stove, quality furniture and great styling.  This is a great option to toss on the back of your pickup cab and go.

The 2500 series is designed for short box trucks and has many of the same great features as the 1500 series.  You will find these used Bigfoot campers for sale to be made of high quality materials that are built to last. 

The 3000 series is the biggest and most luxurious of the entire lineup and is built with incredible quality and care.  You will find they are big enough for larger families to use and enjoy when they are out camping and touring the nation.  They are a great option to keep in mind if you have a long box truck you would like to drive around to the campgrounds.

Travel Trailers

The unique two piece fiberglass construction and aerodynamics will allow you to tow these with slightly smaller vehicles.  There are many different sizes and models, starting as small as 17 ½ feet.  All feature dinettes with stoves, quality furniture, sleeping areas for at least 4 people, substantial insulation, and quality craftsmanship.  Most customers have written incredibly positive reviews on them and seem to stress quality.  As you search for used Bigfoot campers for sale, you will want to consider how big of a unit you need, what you will use it for, and how much you are willing to pay for the RV.  You don’t have to live in Canada to own one or buy one anymore.

Best Places to Shop

Bigfoot campers have not been around for nearly as long as Jayco and some of the other leading manufacturers, but that does not mean they are not made of quality materials, built to last.  As you do some shopping and explore used units for sale, there are some places you will want to look.  In the list below are some of the places you will find these recreational vehicles listed.

eBay:  There are currently several of them listed on this online auction site.  If you are looking to buy used Bigfoot campers for sale, this is a really good place to start out your shopping.  You can bid on them and use the buy it now feature, or simply use the site as a chance to gage the pricing and get an idea of what you will expect to pay.  You can find some really good deals and decent discounts compared to new, so you will save quite a bit of money and get off relatively cheap. 

Camper Lots:  If they have used campers for sale, there is a chance they will carry something from the Bigfoot lineup.  If you decide to shop from RV dealers, you will find units that have been fully inspected and are ready to drive or pull off the lot.

Classified Ads:  Both online and off, classified ads are still a great place to find used Bigfoot campers and RV’s for sale.  You will find private sellers occasionally offer better prices than dealers, but you will generally also be buying from an unknown person.  Just keep this in mind as you shop around and look for great deals.  You might have some problem finding local used Bigfoot campers for sale, but if you are willing to drive a little to get one, you will have plenty of them to consider.  With the current technology, it is very easy to view multiple pictures from all angles almost instantly.  This will help you make sure this is exactly what you want.

Factory Outlets:  If you are looking to buy new, the factory outlet stores are the best places to look.  You will find great introductory pricing as well as they spread into the states.  For now, the outlets are in Montana and Illinois, with Canada having outlets in BC, Alberta, and Ottawa Ontario.  You will find the prices to be very competitive and worth checking out for new models.  Of course, if you are looking for a used model, there are many more locations you can visit in the United States and throughout Canada.

Before You Buy

There are some things you will want to do before you make a purchase of any used Bigfoot camper for sale.  Take a look at the list and make sure you follow the tips, so you don’t make a purchasing mistake.

Going Rate:  Check out how much these are going for before you buy one.  There is no sense in paying too much.

Select a Model:  What are you looking for?  Would you like to have a truck topper model or travel trailer.  How big does it need to be?  Consider this before you actually make a decision and purchase.

Dealers vs Private Party:  You can buy from either and it is really a personal choice.  You will probably pay a little more from a dealer, but the unit will be inspected carefully prior to sale.  You might even get an additional warranty through a dealer.

As you look for used Bigfoot campers for sale, be sure to shop around a little for the best deals.