So, you have searched high and low, and finally got the deal of a life time on some used exercise equipment for sale, and brought it home, now what?

You dust it off, and try to set it up (if it was in pieces) and realize this particular elliptical trainer or treadmill has a plug. You plug it in, and the whole console face lights up with all kids of information, such as heart rate, speed, levels, buttons to program it and more. This is when you realize, you don't know exactly how this works. You thought you could just jump on it, but it seems there is more to it right? You could try and press buttons and see what happens, but you don't want to overload or break it.

The person selling it had no information on it. They hardly used, it and can't remember how to program it or use the special features. So now what do you do?

You take a pen and paper and you copy down the brand name and any other information such as serial number, and model number and you head over to the internet.

Product Site - Now you try and find the site of this particular brand of fitness equipment. Type in the brand name and see what comes up, such as Bladez Elliptical. See if there is anywhere on the site on owners manuals for that particular product. (It may ask for the model and serial number). Many brands have their own website and can direct you to product manuals.

If not, don't despair! there are other options here, and before you know it, you will be getting fit. That is the only problem with used exercise equipment for sale, they don't always have the paperwork or owners manuals with it, especially the electronic ones.

Google Search - Take your brand name of your equipment and type it in, followed by the word "manual" and see what comes up. Sometimes you will get parts lists, and many times you will find that there is a manual for your particular model online. In this case, you may be able to print the pages you are looking for right from your computer.

Ebay - If it is a older piece of equipment, that is still in good shape, then simply searching ebay may be a good place to start. There are people who sell manuals for all kinds of equipment from cars to baby carriages.

Amazon - You can also check on this site for manuals for used exercise equipment.

The internet has become a great source of information on many products, and if you are short some paperwork, then take the time to look it up, and you should find something. I looked up an older treadmill once, and was able to find a PDF file on what all the buttons meant on the console. I printed them off and protected them in plastic, and now they are there for whoever uses it next!

So, if you have found used exercise equipment for sale, at a great deal, and it is in excellent condition, but no one knows how to use it, then follow the above steps and you will find out how to use it properly. Either by purchasing a product manual from the product site or by reading how to use it online from other users. Either way, don't turn down a good deal just because the product manual is missing. With the internet, you can find what you need to know.

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