1981 Ford Medium Duty Rescue Used Fire Truck


Used fire truck dealers buy and sell apparatus that they buy directly from other fire departments. Broker services typically sell trucks at a higher cost because they are a middleman. The best used fire truck dealers - like the best used car dealers - try to find late model vehicles in their best condition. They are more focused on having the best units for the right customers as opposed to having the most units to sell.


Dealers don't have access to the same inventory that brokers do because they are only in business for themselves. If a fire department is having a tough time selecting between several makes and models, a dealer might not have the variety a department is looking for. If a department is undecided between buying a used fire truck or a new fire truck, also, used fire truck dealers are at a disadvantage because they lack new inventory.

Full Review

Because of the current state of the economy, many fire departments across the country are being forced to maintain the same level of safety and security despite widespread budget cuts.

If the job performance of a fire department could be adjusted in relation to their budget cuts, this might not be a big deal. However, can a fire department really be expected to save LESS lives because they have less money to invest in equipment? No.

The most important asset to a fire department besides the men and women who keep the community safe is the apparatus they use to fight fires. Often times, the cost of buying a brand new fire truck can cost as much as $1,000,000 USD. That's a lot of money to spend when budgets are always being trimmed.

When fire departments have no other choice but to update their fleet with new engines, do they have other options besides buying a new fire truck?

Yes. Allow me to introduce you to the world of used fire truck dealers.

The Benefits Of Buying From A Used Fire Truck Dealer

Used fire apparatus dealers are very similar to used car dealers. Some dealers provide quality customer service and quality autos. Others have service and inventory that falls on one of multiple levels of the quality scale.

Fire apparatus that have been used and need replaced by some larger fire departments are commonly bought directly from the departments by used fire truck dealers (check out this link for full details on selling used fire trucks). In addition to buying apparatus from fire departments, the best used fire truck dealers bring a discerning eye to the selection process. They try to find the best, late model fire trucks to provide to their customers, and often sacrifice inventory quantity to provide quality vehicles. This commitment to quality sets dealers above non-dealer direct apparatus sales companies.

There are multiple options out there for buying fire trucks. Used fire truck brokers tend to have access to a larger inventory of fire trucks than dealers. Of course, there is always the option of buying a new fire truck, but that purchase comes with a higher price tag.

Finding a quality, late model, used fire truck is the most cost effective method of upgrading a fire department's apparatus fleet while working within the widespread budget cuts currently affecting public safety.

In Closing

Budget, personal preference, and decision (or indecision) on what type of fire truck model a department is looking for are the biggest factors in selecting a fire truck. But in the state of today's widespread budget cuts in community safety, it is necessary for fire departments to spend their budgets wisely on new apparatus. A lot of times, finding a quality used fire truck is a much more cost effective alternative to buying a new fire truck.