I never thought in a million years that I would be searching for used furniture. But, several years ago my wife and I went through a divorce. After I moved into an apartment I looked around and realized how much furniture costs, I was going to have to purchase to fill it. I also realized that I was living on a very limited budget.

Furniture is not cheap, especially the furniture that I had grown accustomed to. I spent quite a few days gawking at the nice leather sofas in the local furniture shops, then I took my head out of the clouds and recovered from a terrible case of sticker shock. I had to realize that there are alternatives to buying brand new furniture.

I discussed my dilemma with my co workers. One of the terminally single guys told me that he has some nice furniture that he had purchased from the classified advertisements in the local newspaper. I searched the newspaper and within a week I had my dining room table. I was able to negotiate a good price with the owner because I had spent time int he furniture store and knew how much one of them costs if it was brand new.

The next thing that I needed to purchase was a couch. I just could not find the right one in the newspaper. So I went to E Bay. I bid on several of them unsuccessfully. The problem was that every one I fell in love with was too far away. This is one thing that you have to be careful of when you are purchasing something as big as a couch from ebay. Ensure that you know where the item is located before you bid. I finally did find one there and I only had to drive about 70 miles to go and get it.

The next place I decided to search was Craigslist. Lots of people think about craigslist first because they really don't enjoy the bidding process that eBay makes you go through. I looked on craigs list and had a whole selection of used furniture to choose from. Some of it was reasonably priced as well. I have found many nice pieces of furniture on cragslist over the years.

Finding used hotel furniture is possible, but not always easy. If you are willing to travel, you can sign up on the web at several websites that specialize in liquidating used hotel furniture. If you can find a liquidation special, you can pick up any article of furniture that you need. Hotel have everything you can possibly want, and you can pick them up at a liquidation sale for cheap. There are also furniture liquidators located in every large city that sometimes purchase large amounts of hotel furniture. Hotels are constantly updating their furniture and you can capitalize on their need to "get rid" of the outdated inventory.

Used furniture is out there. It is possible to furnish your home without breaking your bank. I purchased my used furniture to hold me over until I got back on my feet and was able to buy some nice furniture once again. It took me an entire decade to get back on my feet, but I did it and you can do the same thing.