There are many used Honda four wheelers out there which you could consider for your next ATV. Whether you are looking for a youth or kids quad, a sport model, or a utility type all terrain vehicle, you can find the ones you're looking for with minimal effort. While there are many other manufacturer's models for sale out there, like Yamaha or Suzuki, Used Honda four wheelers are considered by many to be the benchmark for quality and reliability. There's a reason they have been popular for so long. If you are considering used Honda four wheelers, here are some things you will want to consider before you make your purchase.

For Kids:

Fourtrax: It really depends on how old you are looking to go, as far as model year goes. When you consider used Honda four wheelers for kids, you have a few options. You can select a fourtrax 90cc, made from the 90's to early 2000's. This youth ATV is still considered a great quad to get your youngster on riding. You will still find many of them out there for sale, since they were made so well.  There are lots of kids ATV's by major manufacturers you may want to keep in mind.

TRX: Today yCurrent TRX 90EXou can find used Honda four wheelers out there that are relatively new. These will be the TRX lineup. The TRX90 has been in production for a few years now. It is a quality machine with a tough and reliable 90cc motor. Today, the new ones run just under $3,000, so you can save a lot of money buying one previously owned. There's nothing wrong with saving a little money.

Other Sizes: One interesting note about used Honda four wheelers, is that you can find a few 70cc fourtrax ATV's still running out there. It was the same engine they had in the youth ATC modes – the three wheeled ATC's, like the old Big Red ATC. It was a well made engine and parts are still available today for repairs. They were made for quite a few years, but it's been a long time since they were produced. Still, as you would expect, they were made well and can still be found out on the trails.

No 50cc Units: One more interesting thing about used Honda four wheelers is that you can't buy a 50cc model. Unlike the other manufacturer's, they never made a 50cc kids ATV, despite having a very reliable 50cc motor for many years. In fact, the Chinese quad industry has copied the 50cc motor they make and placed them in their own, lower grade all terrain vehicles. If you are looking at used Honda four wheelers in a 50cc model, you'll have to settle for a knockoff Chinese ATV.

For Adults:

If you are looking at used Honda four wheelers, you will find many different types out there for sale that are made for adults. In fact, the waters get a little muddy with these. Back in the late 80's and even the early 90's, you could by 200cc or 250cc ATV's that were considered full size models. Today, what is essentially the same engine is placed on a similar size chassis, but is considered an entry level quad, with most full size ATV's being considered 500cc or larger. This makes sorting out the types of used Honda four wheelers a little bit harder, since different sizes during different eras were and are considered full size. Let's take a look at some of the details. These are among the best entry level ATV's you can find.

200cc: Back in the day, you could get sporty used Honda four wheelers in a 200cc modHonda TRX 200 - Mid 80'sel size. This was the big boy back then. Surprisingly, the quad was able to produce speeds that would still make it a trail worthy machine today. In addition to the sport models, the fourtrax was also offered in this size during the 90's. Again, this was a full size machine at the time and can be found when looking at used Honda four wheelers.

250cc: From the fourtrax to the Recon (actually a 229cc engine), you can find used Honda four wheelers in this size. This is where the sizing gets a little hazy. Several years ago, the chassis was considered full size on the 250cc models. Today, the chassis and physical size of the unit itself if about the same size it was in the late 80's to 90's, but is considered entry level, or sometimes even for teenagers. Still, if you are comfortable with the slightly smaller physical size, you can ride your quad without looking out of place.

This is important to remember as you check out used Honda four wheelers for sale.

300cc-420cc: Now the sizes are beginning to spread a little on used Honda four wheelers. There have been 300cc Fourtrax quads and newer Ranchers at all sorts of various engine sizes. If you aCurrent Honda TRX420re looking at an older Fourtrax, you'll find quite a few of them out there, still in great shape. If you would like to buy a little new one, you could opt for a 420cc Rancher. If you want something in between, perhaps a 350cc Recon, you'll have no problem finding it. While there was consistency for many years with the lineup, it has changed a lot in more recent years. This can make buying used Honda four wheelers a little more difficult to do.  Over the years, there have been many Honda 350cc ATV's to consider.

Over 420cc: The Foreman, Rincon and Rubicon are just some of the used Honda four wheelers you can find for sale out there. Generally speaking, you will be looking at engines of 500cc or greater. Again, speaking in broad generalities, you will be looking at slightly newer quads. These are generally considered to have a full size chassis by today's standards, making for a very comfortable ride for most adults. You will find many used Honda four wheelers listed in classifieds sections online and in the newspapers.

Other Units:Old Honda ATC Three Wheeler - The Original Big Red

ATC's: While the old three wheeled units have been replaced with the 4 wheeled ones, you can still find some ATC's out there. While production was banned in 1987, you can still ride them out on most trails. Depending on what you are looking for in used Honda four wheelers, it may not be unrealistic to think an ATC could suit your needs.  There have been some really cool vintage three wheelers made over the years, including the Snowco brand of trike.

Side by Side: The Big Red is now an MUV. This is a side by side model that two people can ride in sitting next to each other. If you are looking at one of these used Honda four wheelers for the trails, you may want to double check laws in your area. Some will not allow these models on the trails because of the increased width.