Hockey is a great sport for any kid to get involved in. Playing hockey any kid will learn how to play in a team environment, and stay fit because hockey is a cardio-intensive sport. Used ice hockey gear for kids is very popular because of the high cost of equipment. Not only is the equipment expensive, but kids are typically growing rapidly and grow out of their gear in no time at all.

Be Patient When Looking for Used Ice Hockey Gear for Kids

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First things first, just because you are looking for used ice hockey gear for sale instead of new doesn't mean that the gear should be lower quality. Never purchase damaged gear because it will not protect your child as well. Be patient, since you are looking for used ice hockey gear it will take more time to find proper sizing and equipment that your child will like. The great thing about used ice hockey gear is that it is typically already broken in, so the gear will be much more flexible.

There is nothing worse then having buyers remorse. Buying equipment in a hurry, then realizing that it is not fitting you child properly or is not adequate. It ends up defeating the purpose of buying used ice hockey gear because you will end up needing to replace the non-suitable gear in a hurry.

Where to Look For Used Ice Hockey Gear Online

This probably is not going to come as much of a shock to you but the best places to look for used ice hockey gear for kids online is Craigslist. Before going to Craigslist make sure you do your research about the type of equipment you are looking for.

Hockey is not for everyone and when they stop playing, chances are it will be up for sale through a classified service such as this, or it will be traded in at a store that can sell it second hand. While looking for used ice hockey gear online may seem convenient, I am going to suggest that being able to try a bunch of different gear on in one place is a much better option.

Look for Used Ice Hockey Gear For Sale at a Local Sports Shop

Not all sports shop will sell second hand gear, but call around and you will surely find one in your area. Not only will you be able to try on several pieces of each type of equipment, but you also will be able to get advice from the staff who should a at least some knowledge about the gear that they are selling.

In my experience, trying to find used hockey gear for sale can be a huge pain in the butt, but I have found that going down to a second hand sports store such as Sports Junkie's is the most time efficient. The reality is that when you are looking for used ice hockey gear for kids you probably won't find each and every piece of equipment that you are looking for. If you can focus on finding the high prices items used, and getting lower priced items such as elbow pads are on the right track. The most expensive pieces of hockey gear are the skates and you will need to look for used hockey skates for sale.

How to Find Used Hockey Skates for Sale

When looking for used ice hockey gear for kids finding used hockey skates for sale is the most important part of this process. Most parents have a tendency to buy skates that fit like clown shoes for their kids since they are growing. Avoid doing this at all costs. Skates that fit like clown shoes will increase your child's risk of injury drastically.

If you are looking to purchase used hockey skates for sale that are a touch bigger because your child is growing rapidly, follow this advice: Find a pair of skates that are 1/2 to big at the most and have your kid wear thick socks, as they grow they can use thinner socks. I realize that this sounds pretty basic, but sock size makes a HUGE difference inside of skates.

Since the used hockey skates were broken in by someone else, it will take probably at least 3-5 ice times for them to mold around you kids foot. During this time there is a chance that blisters will form, it can be slightly painful. If you notice a blister forming, be sure to cover it up with a thin bandage to prevent further irritation.

I hope you have found this guide to finding used hockey gear for kids both online and in-store, and intro to used hockey skates for sale helpful. By following this guide you will save yourself a minimum of several hundred dollars per gear set, and potentially thousands through minor hockey.