Used Machines For Sale

Machinary has advanced modern society at an unbelievable pace. Although they increase our productivity severalfold, machinary does does come at a high cost. There is an alternative to buying brand new, expensive machinary - buy it used. Used Machines can save you plenty of cash and can be just as reliable. It does require more searching, but this article aims to assist you.

Used Machines at Local Auctions

You can often find used machines for sale in your city, depending on its size. Look for industrial auctions in the phonebook, or talk to people in the industry for more information.

Used Machines For Sale Online

Online shopping is a growing business. For used machinary, there are many websites. I will profile severel below - on these websites you can find pretty well anything you need. has a large selection (over 25,000) of used machines for any job. You can also buy machines new or used machines by auction. has thousands of listed equipment. Their site has a clean interface and the used machines are sorted by category. You can browse by manufacturer, by category, by machine or by dealer. They also offer used machine information and manufacturer information. Lastly, you can sell your used machines on this site. is an Indian-based website that sells a large variety of products, including used machines. They categorize a large variety of machines sold by companies from around the world. You can sign up too and sell your used machines. You can also post a "buy offer", where you list the used machine that you are in need of. is the "industrial machinary experts". They have offices around the world, with a head office in Europe. They offer a large selection of used machines. They will also appraise and buy your used machines. Additionally, you can post used machines that you are need of. is based in Ohio, US. Besides an enormous supply of used machinary, also offers an information video library. Check out their website for more services and additional information on used machines.

About Shipping and Returns

The websites listed above have very generous return policies, even for used machines. However, the deadline is tight to make your return - usually around ten days.

Shipping costs are to be paid by the customer. For large used machines, they may send different components of your machine at different times. This is to minimize shipping costs. If your used machine is damaged by shipping, the websites will refund you. Make sure you don't sign to receive it if that is the case.

Customer Service

The websites above have 1-800 numbers that allow you to easily contact them in the event of a problem or concern.

Used Machines For Sale