You have finally found the place of your dreams. You can picture every room, and how it will look, but then you go back home and realize, just how many cardboard moving boxes, you are going to need. So now what? Source them out.

Using gently used, or cheap ones (you can get online), is the best way to keep your moving costs and expenses to a minimum. You need to box everything well, to arrive at the other end with everything in one piece. Especially if you are moving yourself with a rented van and a few friends, those cheap boxes are going to take a beating.

Finding used ones, is not too hard, but you need to allow some time to source them out.

Start with the moving company you are going to use. If you are having movers move you and your stuff, then ask them if they have any used boxes for sale. They will quite often sell you new boxes, but you can ask them if they have any used ones. Many times, they will take them off of customers who just want them out of their house after moving in.


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If you are renting a moving truck, then check with the truck rental company. If you tell them you are renting the truck for moving house, they may have a supply of them and cheap packing material. Many times they will have lots of cardboard boxes to pick through. They may want something for them, but they will be much cheaper than buying new ones.

Check in your local newspaper. Under misc. or houses for sale. Many times you will see people wanting to sell off their pile of cardboard boxes. If they unpacked well, then these boxes, may be knocked down, but still usable. As long as you have your tape and tape gun, then you can reuse them a. You can also source them out online at Amazon (pictured above).

online at such places as Amazon. These will not be used ones, they will actually be new ones, but you can get such good prices online many time, that it may be worth while getting the new ones online.

 Just remember, that when you unpack, to be careful unpacking, as they could then be sold again, and you can get some of your money back.

My Favorite Place to Get them, is a car parts supply store. With helping kids move a few times, I have had good luck at car parts supply stores, they have tough and heavy duty boxes, and sometimes bubble wrap that they don't mind parting with.

If you can allow the time to clean your place out of any junk, before you start packing, then you will not need as many to move. Think of it as a new start in your new place. Why move your junk with you? Have a big garage sale, or donate your stuff. You will feel liberated, when the only stuff that gets packed is useful stuff. Try and source your used moving supplies, as soon as you find out you are moving. Find a place to start collecting them so that you can possibly do this over a few weeks. Get packing as soon as you can, so you are not running out for last minute boxes.

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