Buying furniture for an outdoor patio or garden is a lot like redecorating indoor spaces. The right furniture needs to be stylish, fit your requirements and at the same time be able to endure bad weather, from summer storms to icy days during winter. This sometimes makes the desired patio furniture quite expensive. A more affordable alternative is finding used patio furniture for sale.

Second Hand Furniture Stores

One of the easiest places to find used patio furniture for sale is second hand stores. However, it’s important to learn to differentiate a set of wooden outdoor furniture that needs resurfacing and a cheap garden table that needs so much work you’d be better off buying a new one. If you are new to restoring furniture bring a friend who know about the subject, or stick to pieces that just require cleaning and some cheap outdoor cushions to be usable again.

Garage Sales

Another source of used patio furniture for sale is garage sales and foreclosure auctions, as you can get a large amount of matching items for a relatively low price. If you go with an open mind in regards to the type of used patio furniture you are after, you can bag yourself some nice bargains. Garage sales are also great for small items, such as replacement patio cushions or decorative items.

Could Your Garden Look Like This?

Deutsch: Liebermann Villa, Blick von der Terrasse zum Wannsee
Credit: Zyance, via Wikimedia Commons

Reclaimed Wood: Build Your Own Garden Furniture

If you are really good at DIY, or have expertise in the area of furniture design and building, you can also make your own furniture using pieces of discarded wood. This is a trend that has become extremely popular in the last few years, as it's eco-friendly and artisanal, and you will have a garden bench or table unlike any other. You can get reclaimed wood from a variety of places, but consider starting at the discard pile of your local furniture or home improvement store, as the wood there has probably been conserved better than in the discards pile of your local timber mill. Old decking from old farms and barns is also a great starting point, and incredibly affordable.

If you go this route, the easiest projects to start are reclaimed worktops, tables and benches, as they have relatively low complexity. But as you get better at recovering and refinishing wood, you can create any type of garden furniture, from planters to swings.

Online Classifieds

If you don’t fancy leaving your home on your search for used patio furniture for sale, check out the Internet to buy patio furniture online. Classified sites such as Craiglist, or Gumtree if you are in the UK, have hundreds of ads for used outdoor furniture, usually at very good prices as people just want somebody else to take care of the item. Another option is to check exchange sites, where people give things they don’t need any more in exchange for other items.

Major Furniture Stores

Many major furniture stores have a section for returned pieces where you can find used patio furniture for sale. For example, on the opportunities section of IKEA you can find IKEA outdoor furniture that somebody already assembled, exhibition items and other bargains at a much reduced price. The best thing of shopping at a furniture store is that the items are generally in good condition, as nobody has really used them. You can also find affordable outdoor furniture by looking at last season's models, which the shop may be trying to sell quickly to make room for new models.

It is also worth asking friends and family in case any of them is thinking of replacing their outdoor furniture. They’ll be happy to be able to sell their used garden furniture, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that it comes from a good home and responsible owners. Used patio furniture for sale can be a great way of enjoying your garden this summer, at a fraction of the price.