Buying used Polaris snowmobiles is a great investment because this particular manufacturer happens to be one of the most reputable brands on the market today. This means that most used Polaris snowmobiles for sale are probably still going to run pretty good and be a worthwhile purchase in the long run. For this reason alone, it is highly recommended that you at least take a look at some models and see what kinds of deals you can find. After all, these motorized sleds do not come cheap, and normally cost several thousand dollars. Regardless of if you are on a budget or not, buying used Polaris snowmobiles can be very rewarding.

Used Polaris Snowmobiles

The Best Used Polaris Snowmobiles for Sale

With so many popular models, this manufacturer has built a powerful reputation over years of excellent customer service and quality products. Used Polaris snowmobiles will often be a better purchase than say a new Arctic Cat or Ski Doo in some cases. You should have little trouble finding any of the following popular models:


  • 800 Rush Pro-R
  • 800 Rush
  • 600 Rush Pro-R
  • 600 Rush
  • Turbo IQ
  • 600 IQ Shift
  • 550 IQ Shift

Deep Snow

  • 800 Pro-RMK 163
  • 800 Pro-RMK 155
  • 800 RMK Assault 155
  • 800 RMK 155
  • 600 RMK 155


  • 800 Switchback Assault 144
  • 600 Switchback 136
  • 600 Shift 136
  • 550 Shift 136

Trail Luxury

  • Turbo IQ LX
  • 600 Rush LX
  • Turbo IQ LXT
  • 600 IQ LXT
  • 550 IQ LXT


  • FS IQ WideTrak
  • 600 IQ WideTrak
  • WideTrak LX

In addition to all of these great models, you may also stumble upon a few used Polaris snowmobiles that are quite unique since there are some people who utilize the "Build Your Own" feature on the manufacturers website.

Where to Buy Used Polaris Snowmobiles for Sale

By now you must be wondering where you can find a nice selection of these. Luckily, there are a plethora of resources available both online and around your area. My advice is to take advantage of as many resources as possible to ensure you not only get the best used Polaris snowmobiles, but also the cheapest price. Here are some common places to buy them:

Salvage Yards - If you live in a snowy region, there are probably several used Polaris snowmobiles for sale at your local salvage yard. Drive on down to one and check them out. It might even be worth it to visit surrounding towns in your area and seeing what they have available as well. It might be a trip that could save you literally thousands of dollars. - There may be other places in your area that have a decent selection of these, namely private sellers. Looking in the newspaper is one method of locating these sellers, but these days it is becoming obsolete. Nowadays you'll want to visit craigslist and find out who is selling used Polaris snowmobiles in your region. This is a very popular method for both buying and selling so you can be sure there will be at least a few good deals to consider. - This site probably has the biggest selection of used Polaris snowmobiles; however the problem with shopping on eBay is that most of the time you will have to get the items shipped to you. Being as heavy as these types of products are, the shipping costs can often be really high. That being said, you can still save a good chunk of change even with the pricey shipping fees.

Other Websites - There are quite a few other websites you might want to check out as well. You might be surprised at how many ways there are to buy used Polaris snowmobiles for sale. If you're having trouble finding the model you want with these other methods, make sure you take advantage of the internet and visit other smaller websites as well.