If you have decided that this is the year you are going to get out in that snow and participate in winter but are on a budget, then why not consider used skis?

There is nothing wrong with used skis, as a matter of fact, many people will rush out there and buy really good name brand equipment, only to decide this was not the sport for them after a few tries and then these skis work their way to the basement, shed or back of the garage.

So, it is just a matter of you hooking up with someone with used skis for sale. There are a few ways you can do this, online or offline. You can use both to get used to prices for used skis and other winter equipment you may want. Buying used skis is a great way to work your way into a sport to decide whether you like it or not. This way if you really do like it, you can use these used skis until you can afford to upgrade. If you don't like it, then you have not spent the money that most of these ski owners did when they bought them new.

This makes perfect sense for children getting into winter skiing, as they will grow out the skis each season. Here are a few ways for you to get your hands on some affordable used skis, that still have lots of life left in them. This can be an expensive sport, so if you can get gently used skis then you can save yourself a lot of money.

Buy Used Skis Online

There are a few online sites to start with such as Ebay and Amazon such as Used Rossignol Bandit B1 All Mountain Skis w/Binding B Some will include shipping depending on wear you are. Then there is Evogear, they sell used skis and snowboards as well. Galaticsnow sports is another place you can check. If nothing else you can find good deals online and it is a great way to get familiar with pricing.

Buy Used Skis - Local Sports Equipment Swaps

But one of the best ways, to find used skis, is locally. Watch your local newspaper as many sports associations will offer "sports equipment swaps", where anyone can bring used sports equipment, especially hockey, and basically all swap with each other. Many times you will find people trying to swap out used skis for skates or something else.

Buy Used Skis - Fall Garage Sales

Fall is a great time to check out local garage sales. Many people will haul out their old sports equipment in the hopes of picking up a few dollars for used skis and other equipment that they just don't want anymore. You can usually get used skis for cheap this way, and many are name brands. Depending on the type of skiing your are looking to do, such as downhill or cross country. Make sure and check bindings and the general condition of the used skis. You want to save money, but you don't want them falling apart on your first time out. Gently used is the best used skis to get.

Buy Used Skis - Local Sports Stores

Check with your local sports store, some of them will have an area for used skis sold on consignment, with the hopes that you maybe will purchase accessories from them such as ski wear. Worth checking out.

Buy Used Skis - Local Buy Trade and Sell Paper

If your town has a local buy trade and sell paper, then check the used skis for sale category and see what is available there. Most likely these sellers will be from your town and you can then go in person and check them out. This is a great way to buy used skis as well as other winter sports equipment such as snowboards.

Buy Used Skis - Word of Mouth

Tell everyone at work, you are wanting to ski this year and are looking to buy some used skis, you maybe surprised to find that a co-worker has some they don't want or a friend of a friend. Get the word out. If you work in large office of shop, you could put a "looking for used skis to buy" ad on the lunchroom bulletin board. It may not take long, and you might get a lot of calls! This way you can pick and choose. You will be surprised by what people have collecting dust in their basement, shed or garage.

Buy Used Skis

Now that you have found that perfect set of gently used skis, you can now use the money you saved to look good on the hills! Gets some really cool ski goggles and gloves and enjoy skiing this year knowing you didn't break the bank to try it out. Or if you really want to save money, start sourcing out ski outfits and snow pants the same way you did the skis. It is likely that if they are getting rid of used skis, they just might have the outfits to go with them!