Spinning has become a phenomenal form of indoor exercise across the world today. Currently, 35,000 spinning clubs have been identified across the world as being a part of the original spinning club. The increase in the use of spinning bikes has generated a jump in the production of new bikes as well as an increase in the availability of used spinning bikes for sale.

There is a wide variation in cost among spinner bikes. The higher priced bikes which are considered top of the line bikes ranges in prices from $1,100 to $4,600 and include many features and settings such as built-in heart-rate monitors, cooling fans, bullet-proof frames and music and digital touch screens with cycling programs.

Of course there are simpler versions of these bikes which range from $200 to $800. There is a way to get the very best of these bikes at very good prices. This means looking for used spinning bikes for sale on sites such as Amazon.com and eBay.

These top of the line bikes can be found on sale in very good condition with all breakable parts repaired and frames painted and in good condition. These can be reduced in price by as much as 50% of the original price.

For instance the Spinner Fit Spin bike has been a listing price on eBay of $370 plus shipping. This bike is a great bike for use at home as it is portable and can be moved around easily. It has the great quality associated with the Spinner brand and is usually priced in the mid range region.

Other examples of bikes coming in at a lower price are the Spinner AC Classic bike which is listed for $1200. The Schwinn AC Performance Indoor Cycle Trainer is available on Amazon.com for a price listing of $929.

There are of course other brands and types of used spinning bikes which are being sold all over the internet. In fact, the best way to source a good priced used spinning bike is usually through the internet.

Persons seeking to get good buys can look at advertised bikes such as the Star Trac Johnny G. spinning bike can be bought used for $630 - $695. The Spinner Sport Bike is available used on Amazon.com for $425 although its average market price is $399.

Gyms can often benefit from sourcing used spinning bikes for sale from online sources. These are often available for sale as group cycling bikes at attractive discounted rates. They are usually in good condition and may become available when gyms change their equipment. These bikes may be sold in batches or even individually.

Shipping costs is usually added to the cost price, although they may be waived as a part of a promotional offer. As spinning continues to grow in popularity, the demand for spinning bikes will also grow.

The market for these bikes will continue to develop and be characterized by newer models of spinning bikes with relatively high price tags. There will however be opportunities to purchase used spinning bikes for sale online at lower prices and good quality.