Most people have made purchases through online auctions and at some point have been disappointed with the results. They may have lost only a few dollars or more, but the pang of the disappointment lingers. These individuals will probably not be tempted to make a large purchase using a online car auction. However, more and more people are selecting this as a method for purchasing their used cars.

One of the first questions that an individual looking at using online car auctions is why. What motivates an individual to put their car up for bid using an online auction service. What is the reason that the car cannot be sold in the town where it currently is housed? It is important to think about these questions before one begins to bid on a vehicle that is being sold "as is" to the highest bidder.

Another important step is to find out what the car is really worth. While the car may be worth more in pristine condition as the pictures shown may indicate. Look in the Blue Book and find out what the car is worth in it's worst condition. By not going above the "worst case scenario" price an individual can stay within a price that will allow for the necessary repairs that will come with the vehicle.

Besides the blue book price of the vehicle an individual should make a wish list of the options and features that they want with the vehicle. A used vehicle may be worth more with an air conditioning unit, but of more value if the air conditioning unit works. It is important that each feature that a car has is listed in the description of the vehicle and whether or not it is in working condition. In this way, while it may not last very long at least it is working when it arrives.

If a person does not live in a climate where cars suffer from rust damage they will be greatly disappointed when they receive a vehicle that has a trunk that has rusted out. Therefore it is important to see where the car is located and be prepared to deal with whatever hazards have struck that area. There have been used cars auctioned off online that were in floods and tornadoes. Once washed they looked fine in pictures, but the people who bought them and opened the hood were very shocked after scraping the mud off the engine.

When you look at online car auctions, only bid on vehicles that are within a distance that you can see them. Bidding on an out-of-state vehicle is adding to the potential for unpleasantness. An online auction will generally stay up for at least 14 days. This will give a person ample time to go and see the vehicle they are thinking about bidding on. If the vehicle is in a location and has obviously not been moved in several years there is a good chance that there may be an issue with how it runs.

There are many reasons that an auto dealer will sell a used car online. Sometimes their lot is full and they just want to get rid of the vehicle. Other times there are good reasons that the vehicle has not sold. In either case when a used car is being sold by an auto dealer take the time to check the dealer out and make sure that they are reputable.

It is important to remember that "as is" means just that in most states. Every state has a different interpretation of what the lemon law is regarding used cars. This is doubly confusing when cars are purchased through a online car auction. So it is important that one be aware that the car they bid on and win is the one they will get. If it needs a major overhaul that will be the purchasers responsibility.