You can find used wooden railroad ties for sale in a number of places and use them for many different projects around the home, yard, and garden.  I would like to share some of the ways you can use them, so you can decide what projects make the most sense.  While they are relatively cheap to buy, you do need to take some time to make sure you get the most bang for your buck by comparing the costs that that of other building materials.  If you are sold on the look, the cost might not be of as much importance to you.  Let’ take a look at used railroad ties for sale and what you can use them for at your residence.

Creative Uses for Railroad Ties

The list below represents some of the ways you can use wooden railroad ties around your home, cabin, or yard.  There are plenty more things you can do if you just use your imagination.

Retaining Walls:  This is one of the common and popular ways to use used railroad ties.  Retaining walls are decorative, but also help to eliminate erosion of soil.  These look great because the wood has a blackened, aged appearance and looks somewhat natural for landscaping use.  If you are looking for a fun project to do around your home with them, look no further than retaining walls.

Raised-Bed Gardens:  For both flowers and vegetable gardens, you can easily construct a raised bed out of new or used railroad ties for sale.   This is one the simplest projects you can do with them around your home.  You can only use a single course of them, if you so choose, and the finished project will look really great.  If you have an afternoon to spare and you have a few of them on hand, you can easily complete this project and make your flowerbed or vegetable garden look great.

Dock Cribbing:  Be sure to get proper permits and make sure it is legal in your area.  With ever-changing lakeshore laws, it is important to do so.  If it’s okay in your area, you can make your little section of the lake look great with dock cribbing made of used railroad ties for sale.  It is a common project that cabin owners and people living on the lake explore and it should be taken into consideration. 

Walkways:  This is one of the best looking walkways around, when they are made of wooden railroad ties.  When you find them for sale cheap and you need to come up with a way to use them, why not consider making a walkway?  It is a weekend project, if you do it right, that will look fantastic when complete it.  These have been popular for many years and will likely continue to be popular for many years to come.  This makes it a wise choice as it is not likely to be considered passé in only a few years.

Edging/Borders:  You can use them as edging and borders for walking paths, rock gardens, and many other areas.  In fact, almost every place the brick or stone edger is common can be made to work with ties.  You will find it looks great and lasts a long time.  Just keep in mind with any of these projects that all wooden items rot and are prone to it.  Be sure you use only those that do not show significant signs of rot and decay for your project, so you don’t have to redo it down the road quite as quickly.

Outdoor Stairs:  The sizing is just about perfect for this kind of application.  You can use them to put in steps from a steep grade that leads to a lake, river, or garden, or just about anywhere else that a set of stairs is needed.  They are easy to attach and stack and since they are relatively uniform in dimensions, you can make this project work for you with very little waste.  If you have only a small set of stairs to make, this is a project you can complete within a few hours.

Planters:  Cut them up and make planters out of them or use them at full length to make a large planter.  It will make your flowers and outdoor plants look really nice and add to the attractiveness of your yard and home.  Keep in mind that some used railroad ties have oil and other chemicals on them that could harm your plants.  Just use caution and you should be fine with your building material choice.

Corrals:  For animals or even purely decorative purposes, used wooden railroad ties can be used to make corrals and fences without too much trouble.  You have to make sure they are attached to each other properly to increase stability, so do not cut corners with this one.  You will find this a fairly easy project for landscaping, depending on the size you are building.  Just be sure you plan the project carefully, so it goes smoothly and without added expense.  When done right, it is a pretty cheap way to build a corral.

Fence Posts:  While all wooden projects are prone to rot, you can get many years out of used railroad ties, even if they are used for fence posts.  Before you do this, however, it is wise to make sure you only use those that are not showing signs of rot, so they will last a lot longer.  There is no sense in working on a project you will have to replace again in a short amount of time, so pay attention to the signs of rot.

Cabins:  People have built houses out of wood railroad ties, so you certainly can use them for a small cabin or cottage.  Be sure you only select those that are structurally sound and free of rot for this project, or you will have to do a lot more repairs over the lifetime of the home.  It is just one of the many uses for used wooden railroad ties that you can explore.