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Refurbished Mac Laptops

The Mac vs PC battle has gone on for years, even though Macs are technically personal computers or PCs. The real test is which one you can afford. There are supporters in each camp that will testify to the superiority of the Apple computer over anything else. While this may very well be true not everyone can afford to buy a Mac laptop computer to test the theory. If you are one who swears by Mac laptops or just wants to give one a try to see what all the fuss is about there are ways to save money on Mac computers. There are also many students who want to use Mac laptops, but since students often struggle financially anyhow that can make the Mac laptop out of reach. However, there is a way to be a proud Mac owner.

Buying used and refurbished Mac laptops is one of the best ways to reduce its cost. Although there are fewer Mac laptops in circulation this does not mean that you wont be able to find used, refurbished Mac laptops for sale. Choosing to buy refurbished Apple Macs is not only a wise financial move, but it helps preserve the environment as well. There are so many electronic devices around the world now that recycling them is becoming a problem. By buying used and refurbished Mac laptops or even Mac desktop computers you are making an eco-friendly gesture. There are several refurbished Macintosh laptop computers.

What are Refurbished Mac Laptops?

Before you decide to go with refurbished Mac laptops instead of new it is a good idea to understand exactly what refurbished Mac laptops means. When you buy anything refurbished, including a Mac laptop you need to look for certification that it is refurbished. A refurbished Mac laptop is quality assured. These products are most often taken from return orders. For example, if a Mac Pro was bought as a gift and its recipient returned it unopened, this could be re-sold as a refurbished Mac Pro. Apple technicians test the Apple Mac laptops to assure they are in great working order before certifying them. Selling Mac laptops refurbished saves customers money because they feel an inherent risk buying something another customer has handled, even though it is sold in new packaging, serviced, inspected, and so on. Buyers of Apple Mac computers, refurbished laptops, cameras, televisions, and the many other quality refurbished electronic products, rarely have any problems. Buying refurbished is a great way to get cheap Mac computers and discounts on other items all year round. Additionally, refurbished Mac laptops often carry a good warranty.

Another term you will hear in conjunction with refurbished Mac laptops, Macbooks, Mac Minis, and other Mac computer products is certified pre-owned. Macs that are certified pre-owned fit the used and refurbished Mac laptop category. The company is certifying that it has been used even if it's mild. Many refurbished Mac laptops are also Apple Certified Refurbished Macs. The Apple certified refurbished Macs have gone through a more rigorous process of testing and warranty. As such, the Apply certified refurbished Macs will likely be a bit more expensive than the regular refurbished Mac laptops even though both are finely refurbished computers restored, tested, and certified. They go through the refurbishing process because they were shipped out from a company and out of sight. Ask about the warranty that accompanies refurbished Mac laptops. The answer should alleviate concerns about buying refurbished Mac laptops or other computers.

Macbook: Refurbished Mac Laptops

The Apple Macbook is equivalent to the notebook type computer of a Windows based laptop (like HP or Compaq). There are several different types of Macbooks that have to do with the functionality. These refurbished Mac laptops vary according to their size, memory, RAM, processor speed, graphics, DVD/CD Rom, and what Mac Operating System comes with it. Each of these Macbook features are considered price points, so if you want a used, refurbished Mac laptop for the best price then pay attention to what you are getting.

For example, if you buy a refurbished Mac laptop with less RAM and you add more Mac RAM yourself then that will save you a bit of money. Before you go through with an idea like adding more Mac RAM to these used, refurbished Mac laptops make sure you know how to do it correctly, or have someone who can. Another place to save with your refurbished Mac laptops is the Mac OS. The newest Mac operating system is the Mac OS X Snow Leopard, one of the faster performing operating systems for new and used, refurbished Mac laptops.

Depending on what your needs are you can find used and refurbished Mac laptops for several hundred dollars less than buying a brand new one. Comparison shopping before buying a refurbished Macbook or other refurbished Mac laptop is best thing to do to save money. Now, if you are of the mind set that as long as you are buying a used, refurbished Mac laptop so it is already a money saver then purchase it through the vendor that is most reliable.

Certified Pre-Owned Macbook

Used and refurbished Mac laptops are sometimes called certified pre-owned. The other place this term is used a lot is with cars. It is a process of selling something that has been used. Refurbished Mac computers will save you money. These certified pre-owned Macbooks and laptops come with a guarantee. As mentioned above, ask about the warranty. An example of a great priced Apple Macbook is the 13.3 inch, Certified Pre-Owned MacBook with Intel Core Duo/1.83 GHz, 1024 MB of RAM, a 60 GB internal drive that comes with Airport Extreme and an pre-installed OS. The price of this used and refurbished Mac laptop is less than $600 at Amazon plus free shipping. This 13" Macbook is a great deal for a student or for a first time Mac user. Shopping for used and refurbished Mac laptops will save money, provides an opportunity for affordable student computers, and makes a great gift.

Apple pre-owned, used, and refurbished Mac laptops, Macbooks, and other Mac computers are available throughout the Apple product line.

Refurbished Mac Examples:

  • Refurbished Macbooks
  • Refurbished Macbook Pro
  • Refurbished Macbook Airs
  • Refurbished Mac Minis
  • Refurbished iPads

There are many other refurbished Apple products and refurbished Mac laptops for sale. It depends on what you want.

Used Mac Laptops for Sale

Used Mac Laptops are a bit different from refurbished Macbooks. These are Mac laptops that have actually been used by someone, even if only for a minute. Sometimes these are considered gently worn items. Sometimes it might be a perfectly running Mac laptop with a bum battery. Because of that you can buy it for a great discount, Mac laptops run when plugged in so buying a new battery for it may be worth the cost difference that you get by buying a used Mac laptop. You can buy used Mac laptops from friends, family members, and from stores that buy and sell used and refurbished Mac laptops, other notebooks, and computers. These use Mac laptops can also fall under the certified pre-owned category. It just depends on where you buy it.

Discount Refurbished Mac Laptops

If you want a used or refurbished Mac laptop for yourself or someone else you can check out Discount Mac Computers or buy during the holiday season. An excellent time for saving money on computers, refurbished or new, is during Black Friday sales. There are some stores that offer great deals on new, used and refurbished Mac laptops, especially during the holidays. One store to get refurbished Mac laptops from is Amazon. They offer safe, secure shopping and a multitude of merchants that offer competitive prices on factory refurbished Mac laptops. Whether you are looking for a Macbook mini, a Mac desktop computer, or other Mac laptop computer it is likely that you can find it used or refurbished. When you save money by buying refurbished Mac laptops then you can afford to buy Mac accessories. A popular Mac accessory is the AirPort Express, a portable device that runs wireless and allows you to unplug it and go. You can transport music from an iPod plus print and do other things with it like transfer data and share photos.