When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, many people do the research, shop around, and compare prices. One thing that many people neglect to do is negotiate a great deal on a used vehicle. There is nothing better than driving off in a great used vehicle, knowing that you just received a great deal. If you are interested in negotiating but simply do not know how, follow along and learn these used car negotiation tactics.

Many people do not realize this, but all Craigslist cars for sale are negotiable. Most sellers will budge off of their asking price just to sell their vehicle. Depending on how motivated a particular seller is, they may come down just a few hundred dollars or possibly a few thousand dollars. Sellers who are desperate for cash or need to get rid of a vehicle because of a move tend to be more motivated than a person who has an extra vehicle in their yard with cash already in their pocket and a place they can store their vehicle indefinitely. It's up to you to figure out which type of seller that you are dealing with. By speaking with the seller, you can usually get an idea of how motivated they are.

Once you have located the perfect Craigslist used car, take a look around and find comparable vehicles in your area. Take note of the year, mileage, condition and additional features of the other vehicles. Compare the vehicles that you are interested in to the other vehicles and form an opinion of what the vehicle is worth. From here, come up with a low price that you would like to pay and the highest price that you are willing to pay. Keep these numbers in mind while negotiating with the seller. Remember, Craigslist used cars are always negotiable.

Approach the seller and speak to him or her about the asking price of the vehicle. You may casually ask the seller how much they would take for the vehicle today. Be sure to emphasize the word "today" and maybe throw in the word "cash" a time or two. Naturally, if the seller is a good negotiator, they will refuse to give you a price. From here you must insist that the seller budges and names a bottom dollar price. Remember that the first person to throw out a price usually loses in a negotiation. Once the seller finally gives in and names a price, look at the seller in disbelief at this point. Never let the seller know if he or she is close to the price you are willing to pay.

The rest of the negotiation process is relatively simple. Negotiate a price with the seller that is in between the price you would like to pay and the highest price you are willing to pay. If the seller goes above your high price, simply walk away. Walking away is an excellent tactic that often works.

Keep these simple tactics in mind and stick to them. If you do so, you will soon be able to negotiate a great deal on a use vehicle on your own. Practice negotiating with a friend to master this technique.

Negotiating on Craigslist can save thousands