Looking to add life to your already month-old Android Smartphone? You purchased this device as many have said about the power that this little device has, however after getting yourself one it seems like the hype died instantly. You are left wondering why some people are so smitten over this thing.

The answer to that question is Android apps. This is what made everyone go gaga for this smartphone. The main reason many tech enthusiast call this operating system a promising one and a main competition to the already-established iOS platform of Apple Inc. So what app if perfect to unleash the power hidden by your handset? The answer depends on your needs and I am sure that the Android Market has one for any of that.

For those who want to keep themselves connected to friends, family and acquaintances, social networking apps are abundant for the Android platform.

  • Facebook addicts, who would like to keep their statuses updated every minute, is going to enjoy the official Facebook app.
  • Twitter minions will not be left, as aside from the blue bird’s official app there are gazillion clients to choose from. Twicca, Tweetcaster and Seesmic are some of the widely chosen for the microblogging site while UberSocial for Android, formerly known as TwiDroyd, remains to be the most popular of all since the birth of the mobile operating system.

If you are a professional particularly someone from the medical field, you can be assured that you can find one in hundreds of Android apps.

  • Medscape is a useful application for any health care practitioner. This app offers guides to everything a practitioner needs to navigate his daily routine. From drug references, treatment guides and offline access to clinical reference, a clinician with an Android phone in hand will be looking no further assistance with this app installed.
  • Prognosis is another medicine inclined app, but this time it is more centered on real life cases that is perfect for physicians wanting to reduce time diagnosing their patients.

Those looking to add more fun and entertainment on his phone is surely not left. In fact, the Android platform offers hundreds and hundreds of games and apps available for your phone. Games like Pocket God, The Sims 3 and the Need for Speed franchise are some of the choice offered to you for your gaming and entertainment pleasure. Retro gamers likewise is going to find one that can bring back memories of his childhood days with games like TETRIS free, Slot Machine and Dominoes.

It is a fact that a knight without his armor can do little when his opponents challenge him. The same thing applies to your Smartphone without its Android apps. You can’t really feel the power of your phone just by texting and calling, as phones are no longer made just for those purpose. So what are you waiting for? Bring life to your phone and experience the marvel seen by other people on this very promising platform from Google.