Formulation and implementation of an outstanding business strategy is imperative to run a business successfully. The proper implementation of a business strategy not only determines the direction of the business but also determines the business achievement and failure in a long run. Execution of the right business strategies with the help of the right people always helps to give an extra boost to company's business. But it is not as simple as it seems to be. In fact it is a continual process of strategic and tactical planning, delegation, execution and assessment. Let's have a look over some important things that could prove useful in proper implementation of a business strategy and for its smooth running.

1- Make Short Term Strategies

Always try to go for making short term strategic goals and targets because by the completion of the short term goals you can successfully lead towards the long term strategic goals and targets. Also try to achieve the short term goals within required period of time because it not only helps to implement the strategy but also helps to boost the motivation of the workers. Always remember that time frame is very much important to achieve the goals and managing organizational change to establish a new company.

2- Provide Excellent Customer Services Round the Clock

It is a goal of every company to get rated itself as # 1 in the customer services sector. To achieve these sorts of targets companies will have to redesign their different strategies and they will have to consider and prefer customer satisfaction rather then the expansion of their brands. Remember that if your customer is satisfied then no reason left to stop profit maximization and business expansion. Some other objectives which companies must consider include the proper utilization of the finance and developing the internal knowledge among the employees etc.

3- Make a List of Important Tasks

Always try to develop a complete list of important tasks which can be executable so that the workers would be able to complete their different tasks on time. Most of the tasks are interlinked with each other therefore to achieve the next goal or target try to focus and analyze the previous goal. This thing will help to determine and understand them clearly and time duration will play its important role in it as well.

4- Choose Right Person and Delegate Appropriate Authority

Selecting the right person with required skills and expertise is imperative for successful completion of a task. So after choosing the appropriate person delegate him assignments, tasks and authority necessary for accomplishing the tasks. It is very necessary to determine that who has required capabilities to perform the specific task and how and when he will fulfill its requirements. If members will work in team then it becomes easier to achieve the task within required time frame. The team members should be given authority to complete their tasks without wasting their time for the approval or permission from the administrative management. Also give brief description to each staff member on their new responsibilities and authority to complete the tasks.

5- Monitor and Evaluate the Performance at Every Step

The other important factor is the monitoring and evaluation of performance of team supervisors and members at each and every step to ensure the best quality in given project. To analyze the work performance of a team you must keep a check over their activities and develop review report on the basis of quarterly, monthly, weekly work performance. Set and identify the reasonable and achievable goals, stretch goals, specific time frames and rules and then provide regular management feedback on the employee's performance and give them guidelines how to improve the performance in future projects