People with diabetes often experience the following symptoms: constantly thirsty, frequent urination, easily tired, unintentional weight loss, inability to heal in a timely manner, dry and itchy skin, tingling episodes in their feet or cloudy vision..

The good news is that you can reduce the risk of getting diabetes while maintaining your blood sugar through a modest weight loss program including physical activities and diet. The best exercise is a cardiovascular activity that you personally enjoy doing.. It is a unique individual choice and doing something you enjoy will help ensure you stick with your goals.

The best way to prevent yourself from diabetes involves constantly monitoring your own Body Mass Index (BMI) while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime. BMI is based on the ideal relationship between one's height and one's weight. A healthy person's ideal weight is determined by that person's height, age and body type. Your height will determine how much weight a person should carry in relation to their age. Type 2 diabetes and blood sugar problems typically occur when individuals become middle aged although it is common in younger obese people as well. While BMI is far from a perfect measurement, staying within the normal levels will drastically reduce your chance of getting type 2 Diabetes.

When the production of insulin malfunctions or lack of insulin is being produced, blood sugar will not be absorbed into the cells of the body. As a result, the sugar that our body cells needs will be diverted to the bloodstream as elevated blood sugar. Insulin issues become a problem when insulin production is excessive or there is lack thereof. Most type 2 diabetics happen to be overweight and their pancreases have ceased to produce adequate insulin. As a result, these people are required to inject the balance of insulin not being produced by ones body.

As a result of cells not absorbing glucose, diabetes sufferers often feel hungry as adequate nutrition is not being absorbed. Type 1 Diabetes is hereditary and is a result of your pancreas ceasing to produce adequate insulin. Unfortunately type 1 Diabetes is not reversible, and is something sufferers must cope with their entire lives.

There are more than 20 million Americans now living with this Diabetes.

Tomato juice is effective to help decrease the amount of sugar in the blood for those with Type 2 diabetes. Tomatoes are known to contain Lycopene which has been shown to be beneficial for diabetics in studies. Lycopene happens to be a great anti-oxidant, so on top of helping with diabetes it is great for helping prevent cancer and cell recovery..

People with pre-diabetes have more risk in developing Type 2 diabetes which is usually associated with heart disease and strokes. Type 2 Diabetes is caused by unhealthy habits like excessive intake of food that contains high levels of cholesterol, sugars(e.g. soft drinks with artificial sweeteners), and sodium. Smoking is has also been shown to contribute to the forming of type 2 Diabetes.
If you look around your family and see a lot of people developing type 2 Diabetes it is even more important that you monitor your diet and exercise regime and you are most likely more genetically predisposed to eventually acquire the same disease.