Pregnancy Herbs

In order to avoid birth defects, at the very beginning of pregnancy, indeed before it occurs, it is extremely important that you are on an excellent diet of vitamins and minerals. Do not eat junk food, liquor, tobacco, or drugs.

Anemia – Pregnant women need extra iron. Yellow dock herb is said to contain nearly 50% iron. Blackstrap molasses is the richest source of iron you can purchase.

Constipation – Bulk laxatives, such as psyllium seed, can be used for a long time. One lower bowl formula is cascara sagrada bark, bayberry root bark, goldenseal root, red raspberry leaves, and fennel seed. Use one or several together, but do not take them too long. Avoid a laxative habit. Do not use mineral oil.

False Labor – Drink catnip tea in small amounts. Blue cohosh is another very helpful herb in relaxing the uterus.

Gas – Papaya tablets and small amounts of ginger.

Heartburn – Papaya tablets, comfrey, and pepsin are useful.

Insomnia – Additional calcium in the diet. Drink teas of equal parts of hops and chamomile before retiring. Another formula is equal parts of the following and make an infusion. Drink one cup before bed or when needed: wood betony, chamomile, valerian, peppermint, or catnip.

Morning Sickness – Red raspberry tea is excellent. Catnip tea is another good one. A little ginger is useful.

Miscarriage – Red raspberry tea is very helpful in avoiding miscarriage. This is a good formula: Wild yam, false unicorn, squaw vine, and cramp bark. Also helpful: A tiny amount of lobelia will help relax the uterus. Catnip and bayberry also help prevent miscarriage.

Toxemia – Raspberry, alfalfa, and comfrey tea provides a nourishing, cleansing effect. Last three months before delivery – Here is an excellent pelvic tonic; use equal parts: partridge berry, cramp bark, blue cohosh, and false unicorn root.

Last six or seven weeks before delivery – Here are three formulas; each of which will help the delivery and make labor easier: (1) Squaw vine, black cohosh, false unicorn, blessed thistle, pennyroyal, red raspberry, lobelia (very small amount). (2) Squaw vine, black cohosh, pennyroyal, red raspberry, lobelia (very small amount). (3) Mix equal parts: raspberry leaves, blue cohosh, false unicorn root, and motherwort. These formulas will help keep the pelvic muscles elastic and relaxed.