macbookCredit: Morgue FileSwitching over from a PC to a Mac can be a tough transition.  Nothing seems to be the same and you may feel as though you have to learn a new system all over again.  There are several useful tips you will want to know about when learning how to operate a Macbook 

Taking a Screenshots - Screenshots may be important for you to use if you ever want to take a picture of your screen.  This is useful for emailing information to someone or simply taking a screenshot to remember something for your personal use in the future.  There are several different options on taking a screenshot.  The first way you can do it is to take a screenshot of the entire screen that you are viewing.  You can do this buy pressing command + shift + 3 on your keyboard.  You can also take a screenshot of a specific area and crop the area you want using command + shift + 4.  Another reason why this is helpful is to get a picture of information on a website that you would like to open up later and view at a later date.

Hide a Program - Whether you are using Pages, Safari, Firefox, Excel, iPhoto or your favorite game, there may be a time where you want to hide the app that you are using quickly before anyone sees.  To do this all you need to do is click command + H on your keyboard.  This will quickly hide the application you are using.  Sure, you can always click the yellow minimize in the corner, but using command + H can hide the program in merely half a second.  This is a great feature to use when you are playing a game at work and you don’t want your boss to see as he walks passed your desk, or to hide a webpage you may have open with gift ideas for your significant others.  There are many reasons why you may want to hide your screen which makes this tip very useful.

Look up a Word - When writing a document or reading something in pages there may be a time when you want to look up a word that is in the document.  Most Mac users right click the word, then go to writing tools and look up in dictionary.  This can be a pain to do as it is very time consuming.  A quick way to look up a word without ever having to open up the dictionary app is to click control + command + D as your cursor is over the word you would like to look up.  A little dialog box will pop up and give you the definition of the word.  This trick even works on web pages as well. 

Make Things Easier on Your Eyes - For people who stare at a computer screen all day may want something that is a little easier on the eyes.  By pressing control + option + command + 8 it will turn everything dark and won’t strain the eyes.  This is very useful as it is easier on the eyes to stare at something black instead of something with a white bright background all day. 

Easily Scroll - Scrolling down your screen can be a pain if you have to use your mouse and click to do it.  Since the mouse on a Macbook is a touch all you need to do is take two fingers on your mouse and move them up and down.  This makes scrolling on any web page or document very easy.

Increase Screen Size - Whether you are viewing a document with small text or want to increase the size of a picture to see it better all you need to do is use your thumb and your pointer finger on your mouse area and make a swiping motion to make it larger.  This is so much easier than finding a toolbar to zoom the page in.  

powerCredit: Morgue FileQuickly Shut Down You Mac - You can press the power button on your Mac to shut it down quickly.  The long way to shut down your computer is to click the apple icon in the top left hang corner of your screen.  This is ver simply, but it takes more time than just pushing the power button.  Be sure not to hold the power button down as this will force it to shut down which isn’t the best for your ibook.  Simply hit the power button for a split second and wait for the options of “restart”, “sleep” “cancel” and “shut down” to appear on your screen. 

Keyboard shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts aren’t as unique as the ones above and can be done on almost any computer.  Knowing and understanding the shortcuts and what they do is important and will make your life on your Mac a whole lot easier.  Obviously it is impossible to learn every keyboard shortcut, but remembering your favorites are helpful when you will be repeating the action numerous times.


Command keyCredit: Morgue File

(This is what the command key looks like)

Command + E = Eject a disc

Shift + Command + T = Add to favorites

Shift + Command + N = Create a new folder

Command + P = Print

Command + T = Add to sidebar

Command + O = Open selected item

Command + S = Save

Command + A = Select all

Command + Q = Quit

Command + C = Copy

Command + V = Paste

Command + W = Close window

Command + Shift + Option + Escape = When you hold it down you will force close any program

Shift + Command + Delete = Empties the trash after asking if it is okay 

These are all useful Macbook tips you should know if you own a Macbook.  This guide will save you much trouble in the future if you are looking to do something quickly on a Mac.  After you transition from a PC to a Mac, it does take a little bit of time to understand but you won’t regret it.

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