Staying on top of your construction crew and construction site is an important responsibility. It may seem like a tedious or fickle duty for others not currently working in the construction industry, but it is one of the most important tasks of any successful and safe construction site. When it comes to cleaning up and maintaining your construction site, there are several products you should consider using or that you should encourage your construction crew members to use. These products will keep things organized, clean, and up to date with modern regulations and guidelines. Here are just a few to consider:

Dewatering Bag – Depending on the nature of your construction job and what equipment you will be using, a dewatering bag will help maintain and control the discharge of sediment if you are pumping water to or from the construction site. While you are dewatering, the dewatering bag will catch debris that would get in the way.

Skimmer for Oil Contaminants – When oil contaminates water, it can cause additional problems. The oil skimmer is a piece of material that is designed to absorb the oils that should not be in the water, which is all types of oils. This will ensure that the water that is making its way through the storm drains and into the natural, unfiltered water supplies stay as clean as possible and as free of pollutants as possible, too.

Curb Bag – With all the disturbances you and your crew make to the ground while working on a construction project, that sediment and debris will naturally make its way into the storm drains when it rains, snows, or even with just the wind picking up a little more than usual. Curb bags and sacks can help lessen the negative impact this debris will have on the local environment and the local water supply, especially the fresh sources of water. It also guards against blocked drains and unnecessary flooding.

These three simple products have the potential to revolutionize how you run your construction site and your constructions crew. It will help you stay more on top of some of your duties, as it will take away some of the unnecessary stress, so you can focus on more important things or just more pressing things on your agenda. And it all starts with construction site cleanup. Once you have a handle on these three basic products, you can then try out new products to really bring your career to the next level.