To follow are some very original and handy tips to use in your household. Ranging from ideas in the kitchen, to outside while you are gardening. It is also a fun way of approaching some ordinary problems you may encounter in your household!

The best part about these tips are that they do not require you to run to the shops and dent your wallet. You generally only require ordinary household objects, which you have laying around! You also do not require any skill to perform these tips. They are mainly fun and creative DIY projects and ideas that you can try out!

Take a look and have a try, some of these "projects" are ideal to try out with your kids!

- When buying bananas, take them apart once you get home from the store. Bananas tend to ripen a lot faster when they are connected at the stem. When you peel them, do so from the bottom up, that way you don't have to deal with those stringy banana bits!

- Peppers with four bumps on the bottom are much firmer, thus much better to cook with. Peppers with three bumps on the bottom are much sweeter, thus a lot better for eating raw.

- Put pancake batter in an old squeeze bottle. This prevents a messy business and makes it easier for you to control the amount you place in the pan.

- While cooking ground beef, add a bit of water. This will make the grease pull away from the meat.

- Add a bit of cream to your scrambled egg, omelette and french toast mixtures. It makes it deliciously fluffly and rich!

- If you want a hint of garlic flavor in your food, add the garlic immediately to your recipe. If you want a stronger taste of garlic in your food, only add the garlic at the end.

- When reheating bread, muffins, scones or any other similar food in the microvawe, simply put a bowl filled with water in along with your food in the microwave. It ensures that your food stays moist.

- When making deviled eggs, place the cooked egg yolks in a ziploc bag, smash it up and then add the rest of the ingredients to the bag. Mix the mixture and simply cut a small part of the bottom corner of the bag. This makes nice piping to easily squeeze the mixture into the bag. It also means no mess when you are done. Simply throw the bag away!

- If you are using sticky substances like peanut butter in a measuring jug, simply add boiling water to the jug before you put the substance in. Swivel the mug, throw the water out and do not dry the mug. Watch how easily the substance slides out!

- When planting flowers and plants in your garden, put the plants in and add nutrients to your soil. Wet a few newspapers and and put layers around the plants, overlapping as you go along. Simply cover with more soil and you can rest assured that no weeds will get through!

- When potting a plant, scrunch up some plastic bags and place them in the pot first, then add your soil and your plant. This ensures that you do not have to use so much soil.

- When crawling around in the garden while you are busy gardening, tie some plastic bags around your knees. This way your pants stay clean.

- Make your flowers appear longer in vases by sticking plastic straws on the ends of the stems. Not only will they appear longer, this also looks really interesting!

- If you have broken glass on the floor, use a wet cotton ball to pick up any tiny shards that you cannot see.

- For a safe and easy way to get rid of pesky ants, simply throw some cornmeal down where you see the ants. They will take this back to their nest and eat it. They can't digest it so they die. This takes up to about a week to start working, but it is a safe alternative to poison if you have young children or pets.

- To vacuum hard to reach place like under the bed or nooks, simply attach an empty paper towel roll to the end of your vacuum. You can bend and shape it as required.

- When painting doors, cover the doorknobs with aliminum foil to prevent any paint from getting on the doorknobs.

- If like me, you have a very small wardrobe which tends to become untidy quickly, simply place your shoes in a decorated wine box for easy and accessible storage.

- Use a serviette holder for all your outstanding bills for a tidy appearance.

- Keep your paintbrushes moist while you are still busy painting by covering it with plastic and an elastic band.

- An easy way to keep all computer and electrical devices' wires tidy is to fold them up and cover with an empty toilet paper roll. The wires will be out of sight and the toilet paper roll won't be visible to anybody.

- Cover your shoes with a shower cap when you are travelling. This will ensure that the shoes will not dirty any clothing inside your suitcase.

- Tie elastic bands at the ends of your hangers to ensure that garments do not slip off.

- Stick a magnet on the inside of your bathroom cabinet and stick small items such as tweezers and nail clippers to it for easy access.

- If you have cabinet doors that always slam shut very loudly, cut up an old cork and stick it on the inside edges of the cabinet. No more slamming!

- If you want to reduce static cling, simply pin a small safety pin to the seam of your slip and you won't be bothered with clingy garments.

Hope you have fun solving your general dilemmas!