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My name is Nate, and I write about things.

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What do you want to see?
by -Nate-
7 years ago
#1 Strategies for Winning a Point in 3-man Airball (Paintball)

Strategies that can be used in 3-man paintball/xball tournaments in order to control the tapes, push up to key bunkers, and dominate the field!

by -Nate-
8 years ago
#10 Most Important Items to Bring to the Paintball Field

Ten most important things to bring to the paintball field. You would be surprised how a day of fun can be ruined if you forget these things.

by -Nate-
8 years ago
Playing Paintball in the Rain

How to protect your paintball gear and yourself when playing paintball in the rain. Keep your electronics safe, and yourself dry. Includes tips on maintaining accuracy with a wet marker.

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