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Just a guy who loves being online. In fact I started to come here in 1998, however only very recently did i decide to do more than just watch youtube and chat. I have written a few blogs, mostly on blogger. As well, I am now deciding upon a ''net marketing'' career, as fun and another source of income.Professionally I ensure that my clients present the most accurate information to their owners (I am an an auditor), and help them achieve their strategies'; I hope I am not like the sterotype most people would have of us. I am a weekend athlete, being into triathlons and things related: I did plenty of marathons and longer runs before going into tris. The other thing about me is that I love reading and music, and in that area there is something yet to achieve, learning to play the accoustic guitar.Right at the moment I am living alone, the other side of the world, in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia, on the shores on the Red Sea. Great place too.

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