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Nick Walters

History is a subject I enjoy because it's how I learn - stories and seeing how others have done well or failed.  I also like to know "how it all came together" and history lends itself to helping me ask "why?"  Because I want to learn how and why things work, 7 years ago I started a financial services company that matches our clients to money (www.stoneadams.us).  I also have a personal blog at www.nickwalters.org that focuses on a book I'm blogging about Psalms for the persecuted.
History and business - and maybe some Bible - is what I hope to write about on Infobarrel.

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What do you want to see?
by Nick Walters
5 years ago
A Funny Story from Joe Biden

In today's contentious political battles on Capitol Hill it makes you wonder if they ever got along. US Senators elected before the early 1980s served in a body where philosophical lines were more prevalent than partisan ones yet they still held membership of the Most Exclusive Club in the World. Current Vice-President Joe Biden learned the informal rules of the Senate one day at a Democratic Caucus luncheon.

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