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Amanda Perkins

I am a senior content writer at kettlebellkings.com. I am a fitness enthusiast where my writing niches are fitness, workout, kettlebell and weight-loss. I am very curious about making people motivated to help them follow their fitness regime with my writings.

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What do you want to see?
by Amanda Perkins
2 years ago
An Introduction To L-Sit Swings

Nicholas Anderson of Legion Tactical Athletics joins us again for another great demonstration on how to use the body's weight to maximize the results from your kettlebell training. This post is going to break down the best way to use your body weight during the kettlebell swing to improve your strength and endurance. First, we need to discuss some of the principles of this motion, and remember to focus on shoulder mobility and lat control. This exercise is not ideal for beginners, and it is essential to understand how to perform a hip hinge during a kettlebell swing before you attempt this move.

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