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Hm. About me....tsk tsk. Well, I've been writing novels since I was nine years old, and I am being utterly serious when I say it's part of me, part of my soul. Odd enough, I love the medical field, too. Not nearly as much, but the passion is most certainly there. Making an impact and a difference in the world is very important to me, and not trying at all is as if I were to try and hold my breath forever. Let's equate it to that. I know this is not really entertaining or funny, but I tend to be the funny person in my group, and I love making others laugh. I am driven, have a belief in God that is not of the stereotypical kind, and I'm very impulsive. Very. I hope that if you are reading this, that you like my articles and such that I hope to write in the near future. (Gimme five minutes.) 

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by Layla
7 years ago
Reasons to be Yourself

                       I have my own little story before I elaborate; an example for everyone out there who may feel the same.  When I was in seventh grade, I weighed around 135 to 140 pounds, at my height of...

by Layla
7 years ago
Dealing With Disease For Teens and Young Adults-Tips from 1st Hand Experience

Dealing with disease of any kind is a difficult task- whether it’s psychological or physical. Yet, having a disease, or diseases, at a young age, is its own ball game. I know from personal experience. I have Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel in both of my hands and wrists,...

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