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Ahsanul Kabir

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What do you want to see?
by Ahsanul Kabir
3 years ago
Secret To Mental Enlightenment - 10 Tips To Live A Life Worth Living

Humans. We roam this planet being the most intelligent and advanced forms of life, reaching out beyond the ceaseless abyss and achieving wonders. But are we really happy? Living the same life as yesterday, following the same trend and the same chain of commands. We are surrounded by inventions and college diplomas to indicate our intelligence, yet the majority still look for the answer of "how to be happy in life?". We become so preoccupied to earn a settled life in this brief existence that we forget to enjoy it in the first place. Is this the true meaning of life?. Facing such dilemma, we fail to realize the fact that the biggest and common problem as a simple and easy solution. Here are 10 simple steps to achieve enlightenment and forever keep that beautiful smile alive.

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