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What do you want to see?
by Anurag_Ghosh
6 years ago
Alone in the Dark Retro Game Review: The Granddaddy of Survival Horror Games

While typical horror games of the DOS era were more action-oriented, the Alone in the Dark horror game had an excellent blend of action and adventure.

by Anurag_Ghosh
6 years ago
What is the Best Way to Cook Red Meat?

It is very important to cook meat in low temperature because cooking it in high temperatures can release hetero-cyclic amines, which is known to be a key cancer-causing element. The best way to cook red meat is to stew it in low temperature or cook it in a microwave.

by Anurag_Ghosh
6 years ago
How to Play Words with Friends on Facebook?

The popular Scrabble clone can now be played on your browser. Currently in Beta, Words with Friends for Facebook allow budding and expert wordsmiths to show their word creating skills on a board which looks very similar to Scrabble. The FB version lets gamers move their active games to their browsers. This cross-platform function adds more fun to the social game. In this guide, you will learn how to play Words with Friends on Facebook.

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