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Travel & Places
by Arkuda
4 years ago
Travel Advice for the Garden of the Gods in Colorado

The Garden of the Gods is a public park that is simply amazing and beautiful. It is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado US. This park became a national natural landmark in 1971 and it was originally established in 1909. As soon as this park is entered it becomes a different world. A world of amazing tranquility and beauty. This article is about getting you familiar with the park and its surrounding area. The first recommended travel advice for this park is to visit the welcome center. The welcome center is a "MUST stop for everyone.

Travel & Places
by Arkuda
4 years ago
Things to do in Mackinac Island Michigan

Mackinac Island offers a great variety of activities and every year a lot of tourists visit the island. As many as 15,000 tourists per day during peak summer season. One of these can be you. Mackinac Island is a family friendly and adventurous destination with a very fascinating history and spectacular scenery. So keep this place in mind when you plan your next vacation. I mention some of the activities on the island but feel free to explore other activities that you might find fun. Remember that this island will leave you a great experience to remember for a lifetime.

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