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Hi guys! 
So here is a little bit about me. I will try to keep this short and sweet as I'm sure you don't want to be here all day. This is me:

I'm a London girl through and through
Sports coach- faves are trampolining, gymnastics and cheerleading
Human Biology Graduate, Loughborough University
Sports Massage Therapist: specialise in flexibility and mobility enhancement 
Interests: property investment, fitness, entrepeneurialism, my cat Bobbie
Lover of arts and crafts...give me anything, and i'll find a way to customise it

Finally, the most important thing to know about me, is my ambition. I've set myself the goal of building up my passive income sufficiently by the time I am 35. I have dreams of big houses and having nice things for myself and my family, as I'm sure we all do, but more importantly, I  have the aspiration to make my difference upon the world. Growing up in London, I've seen a real mixture of people. There are great things happening in some places, and in others there are higher levels of poverty and deprivation than should be allowed to exist in a city of such affluence. I can't change the world on my own, but I want to have the freedom, to invest my time and money, to help people, to get themselves out of the unfortunate circumstances they can find themselves in. I'm not deny my selfish dreams, but just as much, I want to help others to achieve theirs.

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7 years ago
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As a gymnastics coach I understand as well as anyone, about the importance of flexibility. In gymnastics, flexibility plays as much a part in training, as developing muscle strength, coordination and learning new skills. Flexibility is in fact, one of my biggest frustrations as a coach, as it takes...

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7 years ago
Pre-Competition Cheerleading Preparation: My Trustee Checklist

This pre-competition cheerleading checklist is an exhaustive account of everything a cheerleader needs to do before a competition. It can be used as a checklist, or as a preparation tool to get you organised for nationals and regionals. Without this, I am lost and disorganised. I hope it comes in handy for my readers too.

by Ask_Lou
7 years ago
Easy Revision: Study for your learning style

This article offers a new perspective on planning revision, and discusses the advantages of adapting your revision and study techniques to suit your learning style.

by Ask_Lou
7 years ago
Epidemiology: An overview

Epidemiology studies the patterns and determinants of disease within populations. In doing this, it enlightens and informs policies and interventions which can be undertaken in the interests of public health. This article provides an overview of the study of epidemiology, and provides some examples of its' applications.

Home & Garden
by Ask_Lou
7 years ago
10 Things to Remember When Selling at a Car Boot Sale

If your thinking about selling at a a car boot sale, you've probably collected all your unwanted goodies, imagined the prices you might get for them, and dreamed of the space you will have cleared in your house after selling them. One thing we often forget to consider however are all those extra bits and pieces to take with us; the ones which can come in handy and get us out of trouble. Read on to discover my handy hints to help your day run smoothly.

by Ask_Lou
7 years ago
Mental Health Awareness Week: Are you Crazy?

Mental health is something we often avoid talking about. Many of us are quite unaware about how common many conditions such as depression and anxiety are, and the rest of us, are often to scared to share our experiences with others. This means two things. People suffer more because they suffer alone, and very often, they feel abnormal, when actually, there are a lot of others out there experiencing the same things. Secondly, the rest of the world remain ignorant about mental health disorders, which means that when they, themselves experience issues, they perhaps don't realise they need help, or are too scared to seek it. In this article, I share my experiences, and urge people to take note of their mental state, so that they can take steps to look after themselves mentally.

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