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Hello all!  I'm a journalist who's written about animals wild and tame, as well as people wild and tame.  I have written about rare diseases and come face-to-face with bears, sloths, snakes, iguanas and Republicans, and let me tell you, the Republicans are the scariest ones.
I've covered politics, crime, police, health, environment, evolution, atheism, cats, dogs, tarsiers and wombats (okay, well I haven't gotten to the wombats yet, but some day...).  All of this blather is really just my way of saying I've done a lot of writing.  I'm certainly looking forward to meeting new people here (even Republicans).

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by Bambiraptor
7 years ago
Dinosaur Tracks In Alaska Bring An Ancient World To Life

Scientists have found a treasure trove of dinosaur footprints near the Arctic Circle, proving that these magnificent creatures were abundant even in the coldest climates.

Pets & Animals
by Bambiraptor
7 years ago
The Wild Inside Your Cat: Tracing The Housecat's Beginnings

Cats have been rubbing themselves on human ankles for more than 9000 years. Let's take a journey through time to meet your cat's ancestors.

by Bambiraptor
7 years ago
When The Immune System Pounces: Living With Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

I was saddled with arthritis when I was a mere strip of a girl but over time my condition worsened and I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. MCTD is very rare and it can strike with devastating consequences. This article covers the definition of MCTD, its symptoms, what patients should discuss with their doctors, the treatments used, and my own personal story about dealing with this disease.

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