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I am a forty something year old male who would like to contribute to Infobarrel for both fun and profit. I look forward to sharing with you my unique information and insights concerning life and lifestyles of living. I hope to glean from as well as deposit into the lives I come into contact with here on this site. Hello to all :-)

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What do you want to see?
by Barrelo
6 years ago
Butt Packs Are Better Than Conventional Carriers

Butt packs may seem like a trend of the past. It turns out that there are a few reasons why they are still worth wearing.

by Barrelo
6 years ago
The Three R's For a Healthier Body

Working hard to have a healthier body may seem stressful and time consuming. There are three main aspects to achieving victory in this pursuit.

Business & Money
by Barrelo
6 years ago
Losing Saturday Mail Delivery has Positives and Negatives

How has The united States Postal System chosen to deal with its current budget woes? Discontinuing Saturday delivery is their answer. How will this potentially impact them and us?

by Barrelo
6 years ago
Reusing Shreds can be Useful and Fun

Do you often wonder how one might use those endless pieces of paper created by your shredder? It turns out these little wonders can be used to cushion as well as lend themselves to your crafty side.

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