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Chaszey is the creator of the Blueprint for Livingâ„¢ seminar series, the author of The Limp, The Wet, The Hard - Unlocking the Mysteries of Handshakes and is currently working on her new book, Pussy-Whipped Men and the Women Who Create Them.

Growing up to parents who were great role models on how a marriage should NOT be, she was privileged to repeat the very mistakes she promised herself to avoid...Sounds familiar? After a seemingly failed 15-year marriage she went back to the drawing board, cleaned the slate, de-cluttered her soul's very DNA and started over - in every sense of the word. Out of her failures was born the famous Blueprint for Livingâ„¢ seminar series. She helps people clean the slate to get healing from old relationships, while transforming and transmuting those into a brand new YOU. Her Blueprint for Loveâ„¢ is a results driven process and not for the faint of heart. If you ready to do some serious soul-decluttering so you can attrract the love of your life, then you've come to the right place!
She is passionate about unconditional, sacred and spiritual love and how to manifest these qualities in our day-to-day relationships, especially those we call life partners. She has dedicated her writings and her blog, http://blueprint-for-love.blogspot.com to helping men and women get back into masculine/feminine balance so authentic relationships are manifested and non-productive relationships can be transformed or let go of.
She also creates vision movies to activate the law of attraction for those who want to attract true and unconditional love:

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