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Bob Bales

I am a retired government worker with an agricultural background.  I have worked for Agricultural governmental agencies  and farms and ranches.  I enjoy gardening, landscaping and all horticultural activities.  I enjoy other outdoor experiences and love to hike and explore the outdoors.

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What do you want to see?
by Bob Bales
5 years ago
Organic Foods are Good for You and Good for the Planet Earth

Organic foods must be produced with strict standards designed to ensure the products adhere to the objectives of the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990. Products may not contain certain prohibited materials. Food must be grown adhering to specific standards designed to increase quality and nutrition. Practices must also consider the environment and principles of biodiverstiy and conservation of resources. Annual Inspections are required which evaluate each producer's ability to comply with the requirements. These inspections are conducted by certifying agencies employing trained inspectors. The certifying process involves five basic steps resulting in the issuance of an Organic Certificate authorizing the holder to sell products designated as organic.

by Bob Bales
5 years ago
Five Tips to Help You Grow Older with Strength, Optimism and Dignity

This article describes five suggested tips to help ease the experience of growing older: Stay Connected, Maintain your Spirituality, Seek out Pleasurable and Satisfying Activities, Avoid Overly Stressful Situations and Take Care of Your Body. Helpful exercise considerations are provided for good health and fitness. It includes Yoga and training for road races for older people.

Travel & Places
by Bob Bales
5 years ago
Hiking the Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Northern Arizona

This article describes the experience of hiking the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. It provides important considerations for those planning to go there with emphasis on the visitor who has the objective of making a shorter hike that will provide a worthwhile challenging adventure without a large amount of time and expense.

Home & Garden
by Bob Bales
5 years ago
Lawn Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips on how to make your lawn more successful. The objective is to point out some valuable aspects not known by many lawn caretakers. Some of these do not coincide with conventional wisdom followed for many years. The article covers watering, fertilizing, mowing, and trimming.

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