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I'm a 30-something with about a decade of experience working in mortgage compliance and audit. These days my wife is the breadwinner while I stay at home tending to the house, keeping up with the yardwork, and raising our young son.
When I worked out of the home I worked for a mid-sized mortgage lender as an internal watchdog. I oversaw the mortgage broker business and monitored the performance of brokers from both a performance and regulatory perspective. I came home from the office to raise our son when my wife took a job out of state. That job was destined to make 4 times as much as my own position paid - the decision was a no-brainer of course.
Now that my son is a little older and lets me do a bit of computer work in the middle of the day I felt it was my duty to contribute at least a little bit more to the household finances.
For the time being I expect most of my articles to be based on my experience in mortgage lending, regulation, and education. I hold a bachelors in Business Administration and an MBA in Organizational Leadership. I always intended on climbing the corporate ladder but kids and a wife that works in a high paying job has changed my perspective on things a bit.

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