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J. Tyson

CapstoneTrends (Jack Tyson):

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Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by J. Tyson
8 years ago
Cool TV Shows to Stream on Netflix, Part One

Here's a list of great TV shows and series to stream with your Netflix account. Everything from drama to science fiction to spy thrillers, there's some really solid television available for streaming online!

Business & Money
by J. Tyson
8 years ago
Water as the Next Great Investment Idea: Stocks and ETFs - 2012

After gold, silver, and oil, is water -clean, drinkable water - the next important investment idea? As a critical global commodity, in many ways more important than gold and oil, water and water-related stocks could be at the center of investing world in the years ahead.

by J. Tyson
8 years ago
Collapse and other Online Games

With the huge popularity of online games, will gaming systems become obsolete? Play Collapse, Super Collapse!, and Super Collapse II and 3 online with your friends all over the world.

Business & Money
by J. Tyson
8 years ago
Interesting Companies for Long-Term Investing: 2012 and Beyond

What does it take to find innovative companies for long-term investing? Here are some ideas of stock choices for 2012 and beyond that have the growth to be possible great investments. With a little work, you can find stocks, etf's, and mutual funds that give your exposure to some of these trends.

Business & Money
by J. Tyson
8 years ago
Find a New Job Without Retraining

Find a job by rethinking your skill set and presenting it to potential employers WITHOUT the need for retraining. After careful consideration, perhaps the need for jobs training or online courses is lessened. Have you been out of work for a while? This could be the resume and interview strategy that you need to find that new job!

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