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Kwame Buhari

Hey, and thank you very much for picking my profile! I’m depressed and love philosophy, politics, history, and often I will talk about those things to some people. My purpose is to vent here and chronicle my life to become a better person in a better position than I am now. My name is Richard and I’ve pretty much lived in New York pretty much for my life. I’m a writer and my dream is to follow myself as a writer and to get out of the place that I am in. I’m also Black, pansexual, and pretty much a leftist. I’m pretty much a down-to-Earth kind of guy who tries to be nice to everyone around him.I am a Black, pansexual, cisgender male who is able bodied and neurodivergent. Being Black is a very important par of my life and I hold that identity over all others. I discovered I was pansexual last year and it has been quite an experience for me, making me feel more liberated. I am also very depressed and have social anxiety to the point that I have had a hard time talking since I was 11.I have many likes, but not too many dislikes. I love eating pizzas and I wouldn’t have a mind or two to eat nothing but bananas all day. I’m a huge Potterhead and Darren Shan fan, reading the books at least once a year. Movies aren’t particularly my favorite, except for The Matrix, but I’ll admit the sequels were slow.Playing video games have always been a visual stimulus for me. Kingdom Hearts is such a heart warming video game series that has given me such hope for this world. God of War has given me such an outlet to calm my anger down. Resident Evil has been such a great brain wracker for me, but it sucks that I never beaten a single game!Music has always been a big part of my life and served a great audio stimulus for me. When I was nine, I heard me first rock song (Wish by Alien Ant Farm) and never looked back. I’ve listened to Hip-Hop much earlier, but even I have lost interest in it; I’d have embraced it later on. Classical music is something I haven’t gotten him yet, but I’m willing to do something new, given the chance.Physically speaking, my body has gotten sick and flabby ever since I’ve left the military. In the Marine Corps, I have done at least 15 pull ups, 150 crunches, and an 11 minute 2.5 mile run while in the military on a regular basis. I was forced to leave the Marine Corps due to back pain, but I learned so much from them in terms of exercise. As a part of improving my life, and others, I will blog about exercise techniques and what it takes to succeed with a new physique.Becoming a responsible person has always been a key to success for me. I believe that there are two many people in this world that others have a responsibility for and to fail them would have dire consequences. I hope to show some responsibility in the businesses that I run and to show everyone that they have a chance at making something for themselves. I believe that when you have all the power, there’s only one thing from falling to tyranny: accountability.Since I was 18, I’ve been thinking about what to do with my life; but now I feel like it’s time to act. I never did go to college directly after finishing high school, but I do hope to continue going to school. I have several interests when it comes to starting a business, ones I get into on this blog. To be the best, you must strive and I hope that by working hard, I can take advantage of the situation and change it. After so many years away from school, education has grown to become a great value to me. I never started off as the greatest student, but once I entered high school, I hoped to conceive As and Bs, which I have done. I hope to conceive a MBA and another master’s in either history or political science with a PHD. I hope to shove my knowledge and continue on a path with you as my followers.I’m not exactly the poorest person, but I do wish to be more financially independent. I wish to do a lot of things in this life, now that I have a new lease on life, but the most things I’ve been wanting to do since I was seven was to be a writer. Basically, I’ve written other blogs, on [insert topics] that I hope to make some money in order to start my life. It feels good to be able to start my life and realize I can do anything in my life if I set my mind on it.I feel that responsibility is one of the core values anyone can hold and I think it is the key to success without consequences. I will talk about responsibility in all aspects of life whether political, historical, corporate, or personal. I will find links, methods, and my own words in order to give people a sense of acknowledgement when it comes to autonomy over their own lives. With responsibility, autonomy and freedom can be at its most effective, and that way we can all be successful.Throughout most of my life, I’ve suffered through the fact that I don’t have a sound mind. I was diagnosed with depression while in boot camp and have been suffering from social anxiety since I was 11 to the point where I barely talk. Basically, I practice Buddhism and use a pro wrestling show to try and talk louder and embrace being social. As a part of my life, I will blog my experiences on getting better, in order to instill some inspiration for others. Having social anxiety has been a true obstacle in my life. It would always lead me into a long lasting abyss where I feel such self-doubt and want to get away from the world. It’s taken some courage, but realizing that I can make a difference in life, requires being more personal and that’s what I seek to achieve in this world. In the end, having a calm mind is essential to my existence as a human being to convince my life down the road to prosperity.I never grew up with too much friends and were bullied brutally in my early teens. I was stricken with social anxiety since I was a kid, and I never could talk to other people. With the help of my friends and I have grown to accept my faults and learn to speak to loud crowds and people and act in professional wrestling shows. Hopefully with this blog, I can inspire others to get out there and make something for themselves.I feel that having been emotionally abused was a blessing in disguise. With all the pain and suffering I’ve been through, it’s time no one stepped over me, and I make a name for myself. I believe that by stating this, people can know where I’m coming from and for people that are currently in an abusive relationships to get out as soon as possible and to read my blog so they can figure out where to go from there. Basically, I will try to find resources and blog about stories that can help and inspire people to better themselves. I will find links, methods, organizations, and people who have went to the same trouble as you. I feel that no one should be alone and with the best of my ability, I will help you out with all that I can.I went from Christianity to Atheism, but this time I think I’ve found my calling. I’ve had interest in Buddhism since I was a child, but nothing has gotten me into it more than wanting to change my life. I’m still learning and even though I can’t learn too much of it now, I will document my journey as much as possible. My blogging of Buddhism won’t encourage people to join Buddhism. I hope that you have your spiritual journey in order to better yourself.To me, respecting others so they can respect me has always been vital to my own respect as a human being. After being bullied constant times, I feel it is necessary to become a better person, which requires respect from others to give me a chance to change. But before I can get others to me, I must respect others in order to get that in return. Getting respect is vital to me, but respecting others is also necessary.Autonomy is the key to personhood and achieving a lifestyle fit for life itself. I have been bullied, abused and all around mistreated, and it’s time to show that through my autonomy I can fulfill a full life free. The key to autonomy is through respect; respect others and respect shall be given to you. Having autonomy in all aspects of life requires people to achieve their dreams so long as they don’t oppress others.Being free is required in society where everything is dominant. A lack of freedom requires people to remain weak and demands oppression. Achieving freedom has always been a major struggle in history and I think more has to be made in order for people to continue to be free. Freedom is the key to life, and through respect and autonomy, staying free is to live.This blog will be my go to place to vent about how I feel and to calm my depression down by seeking friends or people willing to help. I hope that by venting, I could seek support and no longer be the lonely kid I was. My motive is to be at peace with myself so I can finally live longer and be fulfilled. Basically just being the quiet kid has worn itself out.

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