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Chuck Douros

Yes, it's true! As a young boy in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I would read the dictionary... for fun. Spelling bees were child's play. I didn't just solve word search and crossword puzzles, I created them. Today, I credit my proclivity to writing to those early years. As a self-proclaimed "wordie," I suffer from an affliction I call, "Da Vinci Code Disorder." I can look at a large block of text and misspelled words immediately reveal themselves to me as if they were hovering over the page, taunting me. I don't have to find them, they find me.

I studied Broadcasting at SFSU and launched a career in radio. Hated it. I've since held management careers in culinary, consulting and occupational health & safety. But now, I write. A lot. Today, I'm a grandfather, husband and father of 3 who loves to run, swim, garden and cook.

Oh, and I still have that old Webster's Dictionary but thanks to the digital age, it now lives on a shelf with so many of my other favorite childhood books.

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by Chuck Douros
2 years ago
The Mighty Garden Snail is King of the Hill

Know thine enemy. The more you know about Helix Aspersa, the common garden snail, the more you'll grow to respect it. Humans have been at war with this slimy land mollusk since the birth of organized crop farming.

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