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Anthony Dominguez

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What do you want to see?
by Anthony Dominguez
7 years ago
A Satirical Look at Reality Television

A light-hearted look at the American epidemic that is Reality Television.

by Anthony Dominguez
8 years ago
Finding the Perfect Spouse

Finding a suitable mate for life is as challenging as a game of Minesweeper on the highest difficulty setting. There are so many choices, risks, and rewards. How can you find The One?

by Anthony Dominguez
8 years ago
Creative Article Writing: Finding Your Inspiration

Do you ever sit down to write an article and just stare blankly at the computer screen? Have you ever wondered how you will possibly generate enough content to one day see some income? This article aims to help you strike up ideas through the art of brainstorming.

by Anthony Dominguez
8 years ago
Basics of Home Studio Recording #1 - Initial Decisions

This article will help you with those critical intitial decisions when deciding how to build and set up your home studio as an MTR or DAW type.

by Anthony Dominguez
8 years ago
Technology & Social Media Addiction

As the presence of digital mediums permeate nearly every facet of our daily lives. Will augmented reality soon be more prevalent than actual reality? Is it possible to be addicted to "social media"?

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