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My name is Daniel M. Wood. I have a background in Sales, Marketing, Psychology and Sports. With this background I have learned a lot about the human psyche and what is required of us to produce top results. About three years ago I become very interested in Time Management, since I realized that our most important resource is our time. I studied multiple philosophies and found that the best results were achieved when combining certain techniques into a system.
I started teaching these techniques to my students, who also noticed a quick improvement. This lead me to create the Time Management Expert Course.
If you want to know more about me, and read my articles, you can visit my blog http://lookingtobusiness.com where I share advice on goal setting, personal development, and of course time management.

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What do you want to see?
Business & Money
by DanielMWood
8 years ago
Ways to Make Positive Changes To Thinking through the use of Self-Affirmations

The mind is an exciting tool and lives in symbiosis together with the sensations from your body. It is confirmed that your own emotions can shift your perceptions and actions, and also that your chosen actions may change your mood. Continuously these factors impact one another, this is the reason smiling when miserable will make you happier and it's also the reasons you laugh any time you find something funny.

Business & Money
by DanielMWood
8 years ago
How to be Considerably more Efficient

The modern globalized high competition society requires us to accomplish progressively more. It forces us to deliver ever improving returns. The reason why this is tough is that we aren't only required to generate more, but all the things we produce needs to be of an even higher quality.

Business & Money
by DanielMWood
8 years ago
The Complete Guide to Article Marketing

Article marketing is a simple way to get both short term traffic and long term traffic. Article marketing benefits you both because you'll get instantaneous exposure and links which of course benefits you when it comes to generating traffic from the search engines.

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